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It's been a very exciting first month as I launched Beautycounter!

Thank you so much for your support. It's been wonderful to connect and hear from you.

The Facebook Power Hour on July 10th was a lot of fun! It was an online event which enabled me to reach across time zones and share 30+ posts about the skincare/cosmetics industry as well as Beautycounter products. And yes, many times I found myself enthusiastically responding out loud (you know me well) to your posts/comments then typing quickly. Trust me, it got Chance and Murphy's attention more than once (good thing their treats were nearby!).

3 participants won raffle items --- love the giveaways! The momentum was energizing!

KUDOS! Hearing how you are checking the Environmental Working Group database to see how your current skincare products "rate" is awesome! Every decision counts.

THANKS! To those of you making your first Beautycounter purchases and/or winning the raffle. Your experience and happiness with the products is everything. Look forward to your feedback and reviews.

It lights me up! To help educate, inform and provide tools for family and friends to make safe decisions for their skincare and cosmetic products is why I joined Beautycounter. Being an advocate for this mission is very meaningful to me.... and I'm having a lot of fun too! Best of both worlds!

What's Next?

Your opportunities!

What can I do? Where would I start? My recommendation would be to make one product switch to Beautycounter. Can't decide? What are you running low on? (or are you in the mood to indulge? The Glow Sugar Scrub is quite delightful!) I'm ready to offer suggestions to fit your needs. Your happiness is money-back guaranteed.

Free standard shipping on your first order to thank you.

Share the goodness...

*Perhaps you're comfortable forwarding this to a friend - super!

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*Perhaps you have the entrepreneurial spirit and want to join Beautycounter. Let's chat.


It's important to have a FUN factor, right? So glad you agree! Each month I will run specials and/or raffles on my Facebook page. Keep an eye out - participate - good luck!

Let's connect! Oh so many choices (see below) and yes, in person would be delightful!