Anorexia Inducing Cupcakes

A recipe by Nicole Kirby for AP LANG MGRP

Recipe Overview

Filled with all of the pressures seen by those who develop an eating disorders, and topped with factors that seem to tip the scale, these cupcakes perfectly depict what goes into the development of an eating disorder and how society's advertisements are responsible.

Prep Time: 30 min.

Cook Time: 45 min. at 350 degrees F

Ingredients for Cupcakes

  • 1/2 cup frustration
  • 1 teaspoon disappointment
  • 1/2 cup concerned parents
  • 1/2 cup self judgment
  • 1 cup deception
  • 1/2 cup denial
  • 2 teaspoons compliments
  • 1 susceptible young person
  • 1 1/2 cups distorted view of the body
  • 1 teaspoon sense of self control
  • 3 cups exorbitant amount of dieting
  • Preparations

    The first ingredient necessary is 1 susceptible young person. This sets the foundation for the rest of the ingredients so it is vital to the entire recipe. Young people, especially girls, are very impressionable, therefore the pressures being put on them allows anorexia nervosa to take control of their mindsets. This ingredient should ne set out for 10 min. before starting the mixture.

    Making the Cupcakes

    1. Mix together Frustration, Disappointment, Self Judgment, and Distorted Body Image with the Susceptible Young Person (Macleod). The frustration and disappointment are what bring out the impressionability in the young person (Amy's Story-Anorexia). When combines with self judgment and distorted body image the flavor of the cupcakes are really brought out. This is the most important combination in the cupcakes as it is when the direction they are going to take is seen (Body Image and Advertising).

    2. Add in Exorbitant amounts of Dieting and a dash of Compliments to the mixture from Step 1. Exorbitant amounts of dieting combined with compliments at the same time create a sweet sensation that causes a desire for more (Amy's Story-Anorexia)

    3. Toss in Denial and Deception to the combined mixture from Steps 1 and 2. Once this is thoroughly mixed, add in concerned parents. All of these ingredients come in moderate amounts because they are simply supporting the already made mixture without changing its course (Body Image and Advertising).

    4. Mix in Sense of Self Control and the mixture will be ready to bake. This ingredient is what makes the cupcakes a powerful dessert that is craved by many (Amy's Story-Anorexia). Once well mixed, place in the oven for the specified cook time.

    The Topping

    Mix together 400-600 TV Advertisements per day (many of which are for dieting), Media Pressure to Have a Perfect Body, and Unrealistically Thin Body Normalization in a large bowl (Body Image and Advertising). Putting this on top of the cupcakes will accentuate the already bold flavor. Sprinkle a handful of Daily Stress on top as a catalyst for the most impeccable Anorexia Inducing Cupcakes.

    The Result

    The result is a batch of Anorexia Inducing Cupcakes that cannot be resisted. The order of the ingredients allows the flavor to be layered and built upon. Each new ingredient only adds to the overall effectiveness of the cupcakes if the ingredient before it is present. The topping crowns the cupcakes and is necessary for the maximum effectiveness to be reached. The TV Ads and Media Pressure are crucial to having the optimum taste.

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