Lou's April Newsletter

3 Months until camp!

Lou's Spring Message

Hello Team,

I am so excited to be working with you all this summer. Each and everyone of you bring something special to the team and I can't wait for you to all share your skills, talent, and excellence with the campers this summer.

In this newsletter I will cover the following:

Staff Corner: The hub for everythign you need to know this summer

Timeline: What is comming up



Super fun survey

Contact info

A surprise video!?

I have a lot to update you on so sit back , relax, and get ready. Here we go!


It's Alive! Alive!

On Wednesday staff corner went live. Staff corner is you hub for the summer. It is going to be home to the forums, Game Plan, camp information and much much more!

Forums: This is where you guys can get to know each other before camp. When you get a moment jump on there and say hello to your fellow staff members. It is also a great place to get some camp tips and tricks.

Game Plan: The curriculum! Based on our previous discussions you will have access to certain curriculum on game plan. They are very comprehensive and go from beginner to advanced material. There is information on the site on how to get access to software so you can study, how to teach certain topics, and much much more. Get comfortable with what you will be teaching this summer. - Note if you are missing a curriculum that you thought you were teaching shoot me an email so I can add it ASAP.

*** At this point in the newsletter it is common for managers to tell their staff to make sure they get their paperwork in or they will not have access to staff corner or be put on the schedule... You all are on top of your paperwork. That makes us the one of the only teams in the whole of iD Tech to have ever done that. So well done all of you!!!!!!


I always want my team to know what the next steps are. Here is what is coming up on the horizon.


Staff Corner goes live. Spend time with it and make sure you study your courses.


May 1- You will have access to schedules.

First week in May I will be at the main office in California getting ready for the upcoming summer.

Starting the second week of May it will be time for RST training weekends to get under way.

In May I also have director/AD/Leads connect meetings where all the managers and I get together via google hangout to talk about how to get ready for camp and what they need to know.

About a week before your camp starts you will get a call from your director.

I am also planning some welcome packet emails with information such as parking, facilities, phone numbers ect ect.


First camp kicks off June 5th at CMU!

CPR and First AID

By May 1st iD Tech requires all staff to be Adult and Pediatric First Aid/CPR certified. Here's where to register: Red Cross or American Heart Association.

*** Return staff, I am noticing some of you have not submitted your cards. Just make sure to upload them asap.

SUMMER SURVEY= Raffle Prize!!

I want to get to know more about you! Below is my summer fun staff survey. If you finish by Sunday you will be entered into a raffle where you can win a fabulous prize!


Don't forget to RSVP your spot for training. Remember that if you are teaching 3D Printing this summer you need to arrive in time for the 3D printing workshop on the Friday afternoon at 4:00pm.


That is a lot of information. As a fun break here is a video of some dogs dressed up as minion...why? Just because!

You will hear more from Lou in the upcoming weeks! Reach out to me with any question.

Wiener Dog Minions!

If you made it this far...

If you have read the whole newsletter send me an email with a camp appropriate knock knock joke to get entered in a second secret raffle!