World History Review

Emma Thornock

Key terms

Fascism- totalitarian government, believes in social classes

Nazi- form of fascist, Germany

Communism- one social class, dictatorship of the working class

Totalitarianism- describes a government that takes total control, centralized state control

over every aspect dictator often comes to help this country

Marxism- communism

Kristallnact- "night of the broken glass" process of starting to eliminate Jews

Nationalism- deep devotion to ones nation which can cause competition

Nuremberg trials- first world trial, tried German Nazis

Appeasement- tell them to stop but do nothing about it

Blitzkrieg strategy- used by Germans to surprise their enemy

Important events

1. Treaty of Versailles

2. Rise of nationalism

3. Germany invaded Poland

4. German invasion of the Solviet Union

5. Japanease attack Pearl Harbor

6. Allies invasion of Euope on D-day

Important leaders/people

Events throughout the wars

  • Germany After WWI- Germany printed more money, inflation, money completely lost value
  • Soviet Union after WWI- Stalin created the five-year plan, increased the output of steel clothing & other goods bad for people because there were not enough supplies for them (food, clothing, housing)

New technology in WWI- poisoned gas, new and advanced machine guns, air planes, tanks, subs

  • Reasons for WWI-making alliances, nationalism, large military
  • The Spark of WWI- the Arch Duke was shot by rebbel Serbians

Trench warfare- horrible conditions, lived and fought in trenches, surrounded by mud, dead soldiers everywhere

Treaty of Versailles- goal: make peace; Germany had to repay everyone

How did the U.S. Respond to the Great Depression? Franklin D. Rosevelt created public works projects to provide jobs; Jananease Americans were sent to relocation camps and were seen as "the enemy"

Axis- Germany, Italy, Japan

Allied- U.S., France, Britain, USSR, Austrai

  • Battle of Britain- battle in the sky
  • Battle of Midway- turning point in the war
  • Battle of the Bulge- Germans broke through the barrier
  • Battle of Stalingrad- 1st German defeat

Trueman justification for dropping the atomic bomb- worked them, quickest way for war to end, dropped in Hiroshma, Japan and 3 days later in Nagaski