Food Poster

By: Emma Newell

Physical Needs

I eat a lot of granola bars for energy as well as roasted almonds. When I feel like I might die if I don't eat an food I will immediately grab yogurt, cheese, and/or pepperoni.

Psychological Needs

When I am in a bad mood I always grab a Diet Dr. Pepper and go straight to my homework. When I am in a good mood I always grab a Vanilla Coke Zero and some baked chips and then go to my room. I eat a lot of fruit and vegetables because it helps me to stay healthy but still eat however much I want.

Personal Food Preferances

Some of my favorite foods are Chex Mix, Popsicle, and Greek whipped yogurt.

Food Availabiltiy

When ever watermelon is available I feel like I eat the watermelon farm by day just cause I eat so much watermelon. I also eat oranges and plums when ever I can get them.

Social Settings

When ever I go out to eat no matter where we eat I almost always order a Caesar salad. Then every now and then I mix it up and get a chicken Caesar salad. Also when ever we go to a Mexican restaurant I always get a taco salad.

Society and Culture

Every Christmas eve that night we eat a standing rib roast. Every fourth of July we hamburgers. Then every thanksgiving we eat turkey and stuffing.