The Strawbridge Story

March 13, 2016

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Lottery winners for lunch with the author.
Author and Illustrator Tim Young visited our school on Friday, March 11. It was great to listen to his books, hear about his writing and illustrations and ask questions about his craft.
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With the warmer weather this past week the kids were sporting their shorts and their faces were bright red after recess. I decided it was a good time to reiterate proper school attire for safety and comfort.

UNSAFE footwear should NOT be worn:

* Shoes/sandals with open toes

* Shoes with large heels

* Flip Flops


* Shirts that show midriffs should NOT be worn.

* Shorts should WELL cover one’s backside- the finger tip rule is the one to follow

(I noted some shorts out this past week were short and small- maybe from last season?)

* Spaghetti strap tops should NOT be worn.


* Hats are a good thing to wear outside during recess and TPE.

* Water bottles are encouraged.

Please refer to your Parent handbook under DRESS CODE for further clarification. Thank you for your support.

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Playground rules:

Parents, please reiterate with your children that whenever they play on the playground- during recess, teacher PE, after school, during SACC or on the weekends, the rules remain the same.

1. Go down the slide, not up. Do not jump off the slide. Do not dive on the slide the wrong way. One child going down at a time.

2. Do not climb on top of slide awnings.

3. No running, pushing or shoving - no rough-housing

4. Use play equipment properly

5. Adult directions should be followed

If your child is on the playground after school, and he/she is spoken to by an adult (including the SACC supervisor), he/she should listen to the adult directive about safety.

Some children have responded, when spoken to with, "I'm not in aftercare, so I don't have to follow those rules." OR "I'm not in aftercare today, so I don't have to follow those rules today." They do, as it is about safety. The teachers have spoken with their classes about this issue as well, but I want you also to be aware and help us keep things safe. Our playground is much smaller these days and thus it is much easier to bump into one another or equipment.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

What's coming up?...

Warmer weather is here! Please continue to send in water bottles daily, our rooms still don't have AC!

March 14, PARCC Parent Meeting, 7pm, RMS Media Center-

Please join us on Monday, March 14th from 7-8 pm for a presentation on the PARCC assessments. District administrators will share information about the relationship between PARCC, Common Core and other standards adopted by the State of New Jersey and will be available to answer questions about the assessment.

The presentation will be held in the Paul Gilligan Media Center in the high school-middle school complex.

If you have questions about the presentation, please don't hesitate to contact me.

March 15, Jump Rope for Heart Assembly, Grades 1-3

March 16-17, Muffins for Mom

March 17, Board of Education meeting, 7pm, RMS Media Center

March 18, Mindfulness Assemblies

March 23, Friday Schedule

March 24, Report Cards go home

March 25-March 30, Spring Break

March 31, School Re-opens

Living History, April 8: The Great American Road Trip

April 11-15, PARCC testing, Grades 3-5

"Oh the Places You'll Go" Dr. Seuss

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Photo #3- Did you know where you were? If you said Denali, you were correct!
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¿Donde está esto?

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