BY: Raneem

What is google glass / why do we need it and how do we use it?

Goggle Glass is a an unbelievable invention, its a neew wearable technology. It lets us take photos and videos make phone calls, send messages and preform a range of other smart phones. They look similar to regular glasses. Its really easy to use: tap the touchpad to turn the display on. Swipe forward and back: Swipe forward to move right on your timeline, swipe backwards to move left through items on your timeline. To quickly navigate your timeline, swipe with two fingers, and you'll see a zoomed out view of the timeline.

Who invented it and where?

Google invented the google glasses. It was invented in America US ans was released in April 2013.

I choose to talk about Google glasses because it is a really wearable invention / technology and its not really popular thats why I want people to know more about it.

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