Stop CyberBullying

How to prevent CyberBullying

What Has Happen To Kids That Has Been CyberBully

Bullying victims are 2 to 9 more likely to committing suicide

Then kids that cyberbullied are at a greater risk of Anxiety, Depression, and other related disorders

How Would The Teachers Handle CyberBullying If They Have Seen Someone Being Bullied

Kids that tell teachers that they have been Cyber Bullied or even bullied teachers should try to get involved in the kids situation.

Brown, Sarah "Stop Bullying" September 30, 2015

What Can Teachers Do To Reduce Future Occurrences Of Bullying?

Discuss Bullying- Give students the opportunity to discuss bullying. Have students make rules against bullying and involve them in determining that bullying behavior is unacceptable

Teach Cooperation- Assigning projects that require collaboration

Develop a Plan- Classroom action plan to ensure that student know what to do when they Observe A Bully- Victim confrontation.

Take Immediate Action- When bullying is observed

Confront In Private- Confront bullies in private.