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Reducing landfill

The environmental problems of landfills is a difficult issue to fix. As more waste is put into landfills, the bigger the problem gets. Products that are not biodegradable or are slow to decompose can remain in landfill sites for centuries, often emitting gases that could be harmful to the environment. Keeping paper out of landfills is just one way that recycling helps the environment.

Reduce Energy Consumption

Recycling items often uses less energy than manufacturing products from virgin sources. Making paper that is using recycled pulp, for instance, is much less energy intensive than using new wood. While there are benefits to growing trees because of the carbon that they consume, this has to be offset against the damage that is done to the environment by putting paper in landfills and using energy to produce new items.

Decrease Pollution

Waste in landfills create gases as it rots. This can pollute the environment. Anyone who has passed a landfill site during hot weather will be recognizable with the smell and flies that can be found near a landfill site.Decreasing the items in landfills will help to reduce the pollution that it makes.Recycling products also usuallly makes less carbon, therefore reducing the carbon footprint of a product.

The cost for recycled objects

One other benefit of recycling is that there is often a cost savings to be made when using recycled objects. Some people find that they can make money recycling. Recycling leaves and grass, for example, is a great way to make compost. Using homemade compost is a lot cheaper than buying compost and this is a useful way to save money. Saving money through recycling really helps the environment. If we see a real benefit in our spending then we are more likely to support the recycling cause.

Recycling is just one of many ways that we can help the environment. Every step that we take, how small, is one more towards helping and supporting the environment in which we live. Getting everyone involved, from children to adults, can help make a better environment for many generations to come.

Infomation about metal recycling

In 2010 3.1billion cans were recycled in the U.K enough to wrap the whole world in metal 10 times. A lot of cans were recycled just in U.K so imagine if everyone recycles metal around the world then no more landfills and don't just recycle metal any thing else recycle reuse don't dump them in landfills stop pollution.

How is Scrap Metal Reclaimed?

Scrap metal is recoverthrough several different processes. People and companies can sell their scrap metal to be recycled at recycling centers. Scrap metal is also reclaimed from junkyards and from products that are simply discarded. Many junkyard cars, for example, are harvested for their metal content and recycled. No matter how the scrap metal is initially reclaimed, it then heads to a processing plant to begin the actual recycling process.

How is Scrap Metal Sorted for Processing?

Of course, once scrap metal is collected and reclaimed, it is often mixed in with other materials such as plastic, wood or rubber. In order to sort the metal out from these other materials, the recycled material is shredded in a massive shredding machine and then sorted. The sorting process usually involves either magnetic processes or simply sifting processes. At the end of the sorting, the recycling operation is left with a nearly pure form of scrap metal.

The Great Garbage Patch

The Pacific vortex is also called the great garbage patch which is a big space in the pacific ocean that was filled up with garbage because people had no where else to dump the plastic, toxic waste, the rubbers and glass.

About 80% of the garbage in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch comes from activities in North America and Asia. Trash from the coast of North America takes long time to reach the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, while trash from Japan and other Asian countries take a year.

What is recycling? and what has happened to some places cause people didn't recycle

Recycling is not throwing any garbage or waste that can or can't be recycled in a recycling bin.Recycling has many steps and they aren't that hard but many people are lazy and don't bother to recycle.Then they wonder why animals are going extinct and why there waste lands and why people have to move to another countries cause of the pollution,toxic waste dumped in the ocean so there is not any water, and the toxic gases.

Recycling can be like recycling metal, wood, plastic and old computers and in the mother board you can find gold. Recycling can also be like reusing something like an old box and making it into a pencil holder or a paper weight.