2 Boys burn down the local Coral Springs Mosque

Mosque Burns!

Yesterday, 2 boys walked away from the Peace Rally and set the Mosque on fire using Molotov's. Two other boys named Jake and Sam, rushed to the scene and helped stop the criminals from completely burning the holy place of Muslim's

Criminals Caught!

The two Muslim hater's were two boys named Bobby and Rigo. Another 13 year old kid named Jake reported he overheard them planning the attack in the Mangrove Middle School locker room. Luckily, the Mosque was quickly repaired. Two brave boys named Jake and Sam, as stated before, saved the Muslim place of worship. We all owe them our great gratitude

The Terrorist Attacks

Coral Springs Mosque

Future of Muslims and Mosque Unknown

Nobody is sure of what will happen next. Many Muslim haters have been overheard that they might be planning to not only burn down the mosque, but all of Coral Springs. Luckily, many government officials have been guarding Coral Springs to keep that from happening.