Hadoop training in India

3 Simple reasons why Hadoop training is essential

Until Hadoop came into the scene, storing data was an expensive proposition. Also, handling an enormous amount of data was difficult through the traditional relational database management systems.

Hadoop is an open source platform which stores and analyzes data. The platform lets you store huge data sets that involve both structured and unstructured data. There are many players in the big data scene, but, Hadoop stands as the strongest contender. The ability to store different types of data by adding servers to a Hadoop cluster is enabled by its distributed Filesystem (HDFS) which is scalable and cost-efficient storage for data. This is the place where data from numerous sources is dumped. The arrival of Hadoop brought a surge of relief to the organizations. There is a paradigm shift in the Hadoop’s approach to data management and it is transforming the way organizations gather, store, process and analyze data.

Let’s us find out why Hadoop training is essential?

1. Skill wise: First and foremost, this is a newer technology and not many skilled professionals are available. Hadoop training can bridge the gap in the skills required to implement this technology.

2. Career prospects: With an ever increasing growth of data, managing huge data sets are becoming a mammoth task. There are an increasing number of jobs in the field of big data like data, scientists, data analysts, and data administrators, etc. In terms of professional growth, a Hadoop trained professional always has an edge over others and chances of employment are always favorable for them.

3. Enterprise benefits: Organizations and enterprises are looking for insights and cues to make competitive decisions through data analysis. A Hadoop trained professional would be able to utilize his skills and impart his knowledge essential in data management and extracting value from complex data.

Today, organizations are meeting the challenges of managing their massive datasets through Hadoop. Various organizations like Google, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn are utilizing the Hadoop platform. By 2015, Hadoop will be generously used for analytics by (Gartner). Also, the career opportunities are increasing exponentially and the need for Hadoop trained professionals is already rising. On the flip side, because of the dearth of such professionals, organizations are unable to find the right people to employ and to help to meet their demands in data management.

This is the time when data professionals, business analysts, software engineers can pick up the skills by attending Hadoop training or tutorials. Also, the organizations are giving much importance on Hadoop training to their employees. As such, you not only become a valuable asset to your company because of your skill sets, but, you can foresee an immense career rise ahead in this sector.