Coco Chanel

Tierra Jackson


Gabrielle (coco) Chanel

date of birth:august 19, 1883

date of death: January 10, 1971

Hometown: saumur, france

early life/ childhood

  • She was born in the poorest part of France, after her mother died her dad abandoned her in a orphanage.
  • In the orphanage she was thought to sew by nuns that raised her ,and that's how she begun sewing.
  • After she got older she worked as a shop girl but that was brief, so then she became a cafe singer. That's how she got the name coco (kept woman).

early career

  • When she met Eitenne Balsan he helped her open up her first shop.
  • At first she sold hats and then, she went to selling clothes.
  • After her business got more successful she sold her first fragrance perfume N.5.

major events

  • In 1925 she created the famous Chanel suit (collarless jacket and a well fitted skirt) she was emphasizing the element of men's wear but for women, because women did not have a fashion like men all they had were corsets or garments.
  • She also created the little black dress. due to the color use for mourning but used for evening wear.
  • Sadly due to world war 2 outbreak in 1939 she had to close her shop, but in 1954 she had returned with new inventions for example the bell bottoms or braid trimmed jacket.