Update from THIS I.F.

Thought for the Week--

Monday the PD Sign up will be sent out for the 19th

The sign up will be sent sometime Monday or early Tuesday for our 1/2 day PD on February 19th. Please do this quickly when it comes out so you can get signed up for something interesting. Michelle Motley is doing a session on Interventions that I am sure will be great. Heather Hall is doing Literacy Anchor charts. Some of the teachers at Sugar Loaf will be doing an Intervention Session. Lots of things to choose from but spaces are limited so try to get it done quickly--your team may want to split up to cover more ground and get more information.

Dates to Know

Monday (8th)

5th County Grade Level at TES 2:00

Tuesday (9th)

Math Foundations

PLC 1st and 2nd--We will not have formal PLC this week but I will be available if your Tier II paperwork in not complete for conferences. Stop by and we will complete it together. I think this is pretty much complete (YEA!). If your Tier II paperwork is complete--please work with your grade level on your intervention plan. If you work on this together--please let me know so I can attend.

Wednesday (10th)

Staff Meeting

Thursday (11th)

2nd Grade ELA/SS Mapping

Kindergarten County Grade Level at 2:00

3rd and 5th Grade COGAT Testing

3rd Grade will miss PLC due to COGAT Testing. Please let me know if you need help with Tier II paperwork or intervention plans. (I think you have these almost done! YEA!!)

Friday (12th)

Austin to ELA/SS Mapping

4th and 5th Grade PLC please finish up Tier II paperwork for conferences. Kindergarten you will need to identify students who need Tier II paperwork. Put these students into groups and discuss interventions. I will help you write Tier II next week.


K and 3-5 Teachers--If you would like to meet with me on your planning on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday to go over Tier II paperwork, Interventions or any other topic--I would love it--just stop by or let me know so I will be sure to be available.

Read to Achieve Notification Letter

By law for all students in 3rd grade, and recommended for K-2, who are identified at risk (red or yellow), we must notify parents in writing. This letter should be given at conferences or sometime soon this month. Please place a copy of this letter in the purple folder to show you did notify parents. If the child is not tiered--we will place it in the cum folder.

Link to Read to Achieve Letter

Just a reminder--we also notify parents when their child is placed on Tier II. At the beginning of the year, you gave a letter at conferences. If you have a student who is new to the Tier process--they will need this letter sent as well. Place a dated copy in the purple folder.

Link to notification Letter for Tier II

3D Printer

TES is now a proud owner of a 3D Printer! Stop by to look at it when you have time. Jennifer will be showing it to students in the coming weeks and we will be figuring out more about it so we can do some professional development with you.

Lots of possibilities. Students can create and design objects to explore flight, a symbol for a book or character, a new game controller or a way for them to problem solve and create solutions that are real. I think it will take some time for us to find deep level thinking activities but it will be amazing to do some true STEM activities.

Check out the following site to learn more about 3D printers and ways to use it!