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One Cool Cat

Onsted Wildcats please give a HUGE thank you SHOUT OUT to this OHS photographer, who has spent endless hours inside and outside of school researching various Adobe programs, lighting options, camera angles, working with adult photographers in the business for advice, organizing from start to finish an OMS photo opportunity that produced well over 270 amazing photos, assisting the PTO with a very successful dance, and along the way asking our administration for advice making sure he wasn't missing anything.

If you can guess who gave up their BEAUTIFUL snowy Friday night before his Christmas break please thank and acknowledge him and let him know that he is appreciated!

Student Work

Buried Treasure still exists!

Throughout the semester students have created numerous admirable projects and have gone above the expected. There are several opportunities allowing our students to create images and designs that are truly unique to their personal taste, style, and interests.

One project that Noah Evans brought to our attention was a shoebox full of World War ll photos taken by an elderly Lenawee County resident. This soldier was told at the time of the war NOT to take photos but secretly was receiving film and sending film back and forth to the states via family. The first photo (from left to right) is possibly an officer saluting another soldier, in the second photo we might infer that these soldiers were out for an evening on the town? While researching various photos that contained signage, of some sort, our students were able to determine the business in the background was located in Hawaii. Finally, the third photo shows a group of smiling young men whom we have not yet determined who they are or where in our world this photo was taken.

When we started this project the older gentleman that originally shared the photos with Noah was weak but in good spirits and still getting around but at the time of this newsletter had taken a turn for the worse and we are unsure if our Onsted WWll group of students will ever have a chance to uncover all the personalities and stories that these photos have to tell.

The group plans to share locally with our Onsted Community and have discusses several other options. Stay tuned as this OHS group of students continues to Photoshop and restore over 150+ WWll, never published photos.

Davis goes Division I

Austin Davis was the University of Michigan basketball team's first signee of the 2016 basketball recruiting class. However he thanked every student from Onsted Elementary School as they filed in to watch him sign the morning of Wednesday November 11, 2015.

His mother, Marsha Davis, is the elementary school's principal. The village of around 1,000 people embraced its first Division I basketball recruit.

The band played U-M's "The Victors." His high school peers taunted him from the bleachers as he posed with a gaggle of girls. The community filled the gym's stands and cheered his name.

"That's just Austin and what he's done," said Onsted coach Brad Maska, who recalled Davis running around as a fourth-grader in his gym class, never imagining this day. "He helps out in the elementary all year, so all these kids know him. They see him in the hallways, they see him coming down to see me in my classroom. So they love him. The community loves him, and I think that's what you get in a small, tight-knit community like this. This doesn't happen very often, and when this does happen, they just get around him and support the heck out of him."

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Mrs. Papenhagen

This lab is filled with opportunities for each student as an individual. As a high school student there are many decisions that have to be made, including what you want your education to look like. Make our business curriculum what is best for YOU by seeking out various opportunities . All it takes is a conversation about what your personal interests and let me see what I can do for you :)