Christmas in Venezuela

By: Aya Berwind

About Venezuela

Venezuela is a Spanish speaking country in north america. There population is 29,100,000 people, the president is Nicolas Maduro. The size of Venezuela is 916,445 km2.

There are many good sites to see including Angel falls, Merida merida, and Canaima national park.

Christmas in Venezuela

There are many holidays in December in Venezuela including Christmas, Christmas eve, New years eve, December solstice, and Feast of Immaculte Conseption. I am going to write about Christmas. As well as how they celebrate it in Venezuela.


In Venezuela they celebrate christmas with music called Gaita, Gaita is played with gitaurs. They also have christmas trees in there houses, most likely to be plastic because fir trees do not go there. They also have a large firework displays. Most of the celebration occurs the day before christmas, Christmas eve. On christmas day children receive presents.


There are many different types of food is eaten on christmas and christmas eve. Like Hallacus, hallacu is a mixture of different meet as well as cappers, raisons and olives. This is then wrapped in maize and cooked. They also eat Pan de Jamon, Pan de Jamon is a puff pastery filled with ham, raisons, olives, and bacon. They also eat chicken salad and pernil ( leg of pork).

Religion and Costumes

In Venezuela christmas in a christian holiday. The religios masses begin on December 16th every morning until the 24th and then the mass is held until midnight. As for the costumes there are none exept for the performers who dance and play music.