Toddler 2 Zoo News

April 29-May 3, 2013

Bugs, bugs and more bugs!

We were very excited to spend some time outdoors this week. We played outside, looked for bugs and even washed some cars. Such fun! When the weather turned colder, we took our bug hunt indoors. We searched for bugs in the classroom, we found hidden bugs in the sand and even touched some sticky pretend worms in a container.

Ms. Jonalyn's group:

This week we focused on our bug hunts and just enjoyed the warm weather while it lasted. We did some art's a secret!

Ms. Claar's Group:

This week we had a bug finding good time! We were so thankful for some nice days to take our hunt outdoors! We also did a few bug crafts this week! After learning about bumble bees, we made a beehive for our little fingerprint bees! We loved reading a story about a hungry caterpillar so much that we sang a song about him and made our very own handprint hungry caterpillars! On those cold days we took our adventures to the sensory room! What a fun week!

Mother's Day Muffins!

On Friday May 10th muffins will be provided for all moms! Please feel free to eat breakfast with your child or take your muffins with you! We appreciate all you do!


Don't forget our school carnival was postponed until May 23rd from 4:30-7:30!