Madison Duer

A Little About Me

i was born here in Huntsville, and have lived here all my life. I played volleyball for 4 years, and was a Student Athletic Trainer for 2. I have a Pomeranian named Bear, and a Boston Terrier named Rex. I also have 3 cats (Tac, Callie, and Lucky). After high school, i plan on going to medical school. Im not sure exactly what i want to do, but i know i want to be in the medical field.

My Family

I live with both of my parents Zach and Shelly Duer, and my two siblings Cade who is 13 and Kylie who is 9. I have lived in Huntsville my whole life. My mom was a school teacher at Stewart Elementary, until a few years ago when she opened a Learning Rx in Spring. My dad is a SRO at Mance Park and a Detective when school isnt going on. I am very close to my grandparents Terry and Susie Woods. My grandfather owns Woods Welding here in Huntsville, and they currently live on lake Conroe in an RV because they travel the world. My family and I have been attending Northside Baptist Church since i was in pre school because church is very important to us.

Favorite Memory

I dont have just one favorite memory, so ill tell you about a few. This summer i got to go on the Carnival Triumph with my grandparents and siblings. It was my second cruise, but my siblings first. When we arrived in Cozumel, Mexico we got the chance to go swimming with dolphins. i had done it before, but this time i got to experience new things to do with the dolphins. We also got to go snorkeling and i got to swim down and touch a famous statue under water. Another one of my favorite memories also comes from this summer. My 16th birthday was on August 20th and i got a 2013 Kia RIo as well as my licence.

Favorite Animal

My favorite animal is a Cat. i absoloutely love cats, especially kittens. As of now i have 3, who all have very different personalities. They are the perfect pet because they basically take care of themselves.

Favorite Hobby

I dont necessarily have a favorite hobby. Anything that has to do with being out of the house, or being with friends is my favorite thing to do.