North v. South

By: Nick Hibbard

Why? Who? What? When? Where?

The American Civil war was all started for rights. The rights of people. African Americans at the time were not treated fairly and the south wanted to keep it like that, but the north was not a fan. From 1861-1865 the war was everywhere from the south to the north. Jefferson Davis at the time declared to separate from the union and became president of the confederacy. Abraham Lincoln, president through the war, midway through the war declared everyone free with a proclamation. Most of the war was in the Mid-east. For instance, Kentucky, Tennessee, and the Carolina's. The Civil War was a huge impact on the country as a whole.
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The Way They Looked At It...

The Media built up the civil war to be a very fond event. A very well known event and tried to make it devastating as the war was tearing this country apart. The media portrayed the civil war as being worse then what it really was. Most of the media at the time lied about who died to try and get people to go into the war and fight.
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Marxist and Cultural criticisms is present throughout this whole era. Slaves were viewed as less of people because of their cultural background. Since the colonization of American, the United States used and saw slaves as property. The whole point for the war rights for them. The south did not want them free, and the north wanted them free.

My Opinion

I believe that the media was smart in the way they portrayed the war. For instance, lying to get more soldiers is a well thought out idea. The newspaper thought lying would get more volunteers to help the north or south in the war. The media was also blunt about everything. I believe they tried to get the hatred out of others so they would volunteer.
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Civil War