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The word “bespoke” has its origins in British English and just like the word itself, you would be able to find premium tailoring establishments offering bespoke suits for men. The word simply means “clothing items made according to the specifications of the buyer”. In the times when this term was first coined – and used – it included all items of clothing i.e. the bespoke suit, footwear and any other items of clothing. The hallmark of bespoke suits usually lay in their meticulous and accurate measurements, sessions that constituted multiple fittings and high-quality and precision tailoring skills.

The biggest characteristic of bespoke suits for men lies not only in the quality of the final product but also in the complete control the buyer had. When a man ordered bespoke suits, he had the freedom to choose the type of fabric, the style, the fit, the features in addition to having a say in the process of constructing the suit itself. Clearly, bespoke suits could not be made by just about any tailor in the neighbourhood. Thus, to have a high-quality, classic bespoke suit men needed to employ the services of experienced master tailors, who exhibited high degrees of skilled craftsmanship, blended with several years of experience in making such premium garments.

While bespoke suits can be quite expensive and may not be a staple in the wardrobe of every man, some characteristics that led men to patronise these types of suits include:

• High quality, fine handmade finishing
• The use of classic fabrics, linings, canvas and trimmings
• A suit crafted according to the wearer’s measurements
• An in-depth understanding of the wearer’s needs and his physical characteristics that helped select the best colour combination for the bespoke suit
• A large variety of choices in fabrics for use in making suits, business shirts and sports coats

The prime reason behind the popularity of these suits lay in the fusion of the wearer’s requirements and the master craftsmanship exhibited by the tailor. Together, they led to the creation of a final product that was refined, graceful, elegant, comfortable and well-fitted.

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