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This fall was truly a great time to be a Viking. Our fall student-participants competed at a high level in the classroom, in activity/sport, as well as in the community. Across all levels of our fall sports programs our Vikings achieved a combined win percentage over .800 and excelled at not only the local but also the state level. In this special edition of the Viking Insider you can find the accomplishments of all of our fall programs.

Congratulations to the young men and women that have worked so hard to achieve the high level of success seen across all FHHS programs this fall. It has been a very proud time for all Viking fans as all programs have increased expectations and worked towards improving the experience and outcomes as we represent FHHS, FHSD, and our great community. Thank you to all Vikings fans for the continued support of all we do.

Fall Activities By The Numbers

Overall Record - 210-44-3

Tournaments/Meets Won - 19

Conference Championships - 10

District Championships - 4

Final 4 Appearances - 2

State Championships - 1

Fall Student-Participants Excel In Classroom

Being involved in an activity, club, or sport at FHHS is an integral part of the great high school experience and also is vital in promoting continuous improvement for students in achievement, attachment, and awareness. This fall the FHHS activity programs not only saw success on the field or in their activity, but they also saw success in the classroom. At Howell the student-participants are truly students first. All fall programs and their participants at FHHS had a cumulative GPA of 3.37. Congratulations to the young men and women representing Howell not only in their activity but also in the classroom. You can view each programs cumulative GPA below.

Cumulative GPA's Of Fall Activity Programs:

Volleyball - 3.83

Tennis 3.72

Golf 3.66

Softball 3.66

Swim 3.63

Golden Girls 3.58

Band 3.51

Cross Country - 3.51

Speech/Debate 3.42

Soccer 3.36

Cheer 3.06

Football 3.02

Color Guard 3.01



At FHHS our student-participants are truly students first. This fall 142 fall student-athletes were recognized by the GAC as earning Academic All-Conference honors. In order to be recognized as a GAC Academic All-Conference recipient a student-athlete must have a 3.0 GPA and be a varsity letter winner in their sport. Congratulations again to all of our fall student-athletes that not only excelled on the court, on the field, and in the pool but also in the classroom.

District Champions - Softball

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District Champions - Boys Soccer

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District Champions - Girls Tennis

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District Champions - Girls Volleyball

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Soccer Wins First State Championship In Program History

Congratulations to the boys soccer program on winning their first state championship in program history. The Vikings advanced to the state championship game with a 4-1 win over state power Rockhurst. The Vikings then returned in front of a huge crowd to face five-time state champion DeSmet in the state championship game. The Vikings shut out the DeSmet Spartans 1-0 to claim their first state championship in program history in their first appearance in the state championship game. The Vikings ended this historic run with a 20-7-1 record on their way to the GAC South Championship, District Championship, and State Championship.

Not only did the soccer program have success on the field this season but they also had great success in the classroom and in the community. The state champions hold a cumulative GPA of 3.39 in the classroom. This group of young men were also involved in the community with the Special Needs Soccer Association (SPENSA) and raised nearly $1000 for cancer research through their fundraising efforts. The boys soccer program truly exemplified the goal of all FHHS programs which is to attain academic excellence, outreach into the community, and on-field success.

Congratulations to Coach Enright, his staff, and the soccer program for a historic season!

2015 Class 4 State Champion Soccer Roster

Josh Bragen, David Brown, Caden Castello, Will Clayton, Dominic Clermont, Brady Ehrlich, Zach Eyler, Brady Glon, Jarod Green, Matt Hunt, Eric Husa, Joel Jenkins, Mason Kurtz, Nate Liddy, Nick Lowry, Tommy Naumann, Brady Peters, Matt Peters, Connor Riley, Keith Steiger, Drew Svetina, Jake Taylor, Jake Totty, Anthony Usai, Cameron Wiggins, Dylan Williams, Ryan Zile. Head Coach: Mike Enright. Assistant Coaches: Justin Jahnke, Jake Baumgartner, Jake Hudzinski, Brady Demling.

Videos From State Championship Game

Vikings Win State Championship

Student Section Celebrates Following Game

View From Crowd Following State Championship

Vikings Receive State Championship Plaque

What Did Parents, Players, Coaches, & Fans Think Of The Soccer Season?

Being part of this team was like being part of an extended family. We supported each other when things got hard, we celebrated together when we were victorious, but most of all, we played for one another and brought home the state championship. - Nathaniel Liddy

This season was special and I knew it would be because of HOW we trained in the summer. It was intense from the start of June. The common goal of our season was to play for our brothers; play for each other. We didn't care about goals, assists, news coverage or our "15 minutes of fame." This State Championship team showed our program, and hopefully others in the school, what it looks like to play for one another. We greatly appreciated all the support we got from our FHHS Staff, FH Cheer & the GG's, as well as our Howell SuperFans. You really showed Missouri what #VikingPride looked like. It was an unforgettable ride, unforgettable nights with some unforgettable people. - Coach Jahnke

The season started out amazing, Matthew made Varsity as a freshman! All of the boys were first class to him and so encouraging! The seniors have a special place in our hearts, we have seen them grow up with our daughter, who was one of their biggest fans this year! Seeing all of these boys come together and play for each other and not to give up was so fun to watch. Thanks for the State Championship Boys and Coaches ~ this season has been surreal! - Bill & Eva Peters

The season overall was one of my favorite season here as a soccer player and to win a state championship just makes the season even better than I expected! It's something I'll remember for the rest of my life and tell stories about. - Dylan Williams

As a freshman parent it was encouraging to see that the Viking program is so strong! Way to go Varsity! Hunt's game was also a stellar example of goalkeeping- great for the younger goalies to see. - Kristin Klemons

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It was a great fall season for all of our activities at FHHS. Many of our student-participants involved in our programs achieved a high level of success and recognition over the course of the season. This fall 36 Howell student-athletes were recognized for their success in their sport at the conference level. Congratulations to the 36 young men and women listed below.


Courtney Radle - Volleyball - 1st

Jessica Hedrick - Volleyball - 1st

Taylor Shellert - Volleyball - 2nd

Kennedy Cordia - Volleyball - 1st

Mikayla Hardy - Volleyball - 2nd


Bridget Schulte - Girls Golf - 1st

Jessica Fisher - Girls Golf - 2nd


Ryan Perkins - Football - 1st (Defensive Player of the Year)

Justin Perkins - Football - 1st (Special Teams Player of the Year)

Ryan Perkins - LB - Football - 1st

Justin Perkins - LB - Football - 1st

Dirion Hutchins - DL - Football - 1st

Matt McClellan - DL - Football - 1st

Quentin White - QB - Football - 1st

Colton White - WR - Football - 1st

Austin Unterreiner - OL - Football - 1st

Jusin Perkins - P - Football - 1st

Jarod Green - K - Football - 1st

Brady Wildschuetz - LB - Football - 2nd

Joey Land - DB - Football - 2nd

McGwire Dean - DB - Football - 2nd

Jonny Krone - WR - Football - 2nd

Patrick Sparkman - OL - Football - 2nd

Joey Land - Returner - Football - 2nd

Cross Country

Maddi Leigh

Brooklyn Just

Isabelle Dadb

Elizabeth Payne

Dani Berry

Walker Wetter


Matt Hunt - Keeper - Soccer - 1st

Jarod Green - D - Soccer - 1st

Ryan Zile - M - Soccer - 1st

Joel Jenkins - Soccer - 1st

Jake Taylor - Soccer - 2nd

Jake Totty - Soccer - 2nd


Darby Joerling - Softball - 1st

Whitney Boschert - Softball - 1st

Jordin Buenemann - Softball - 1st

Olivia Hetzel - Softball - 2nd

Courtney Kinion - Softball - 2nd

Megan Tersteeg - Softball - 2nd


Student-participants at FHHS are held to very high standards in all that they do. Part of being involved in an activity at Howell is working toward displaying our core values of Respect, Inegrity, Sportsmanship, and Excellence (RISE) at all times. Fall student-participants were involved in leadership activities that were aimed at developing life long leadership skills during the course of the season. Several of our FHHS student-participants were recognized at the conference level for their sportsmanship and contributions to being a leader within their programs. Congratulations to the following recipients on being awarded the GAC Sportsmanship Award.


Loren Versheldon - Volleyball


Ellie Biever - Girls Golf

Kelli Fisher - Girls Golf


Quentin White - Football


Hamming Linmens - Swimming


Eric Husa - Soccer


Payton Paull - Girls Tennis


Kristen Landon - Softball


Jake StiftenMen's - Cross Country


Congratulations to the following Howell student-participants that were recognized at the district level for their accomplishments in the activity or sport.


Courtney Radle - Volleyball - 1st

Taylor Schellert - Volleyball - 1st

Sarah Schark - Volleyball - 2nd

Jessica Hedrick - Volleyball - 2nd

Kennedy Cordia - Volleyball - 2nd


Bridget Schulte - Girls Golf - 1st


Ryan Perkins - LB - Football - 1st

Justin Perkins - LB - Football - 1st

Quentin White - QB - Football - 1st

Colton White - WR - Football - 1st

Jusin Perkins - P - Football - 1st

Austin Unterreiner - OL - Football - 2nd

Brady Wildschuetz - LB - Football - 2nd

Dirion Hutchins - DL - Football - 2nd

Matt McClellan - DL - Football - 2nd


Darby Joerling - Softball - 1st

Whitney Boschert - Softball - 1st


Sarah Mason

Madison Jackson

Alexandra Janssen

Jennifer Moreno

Matthew Kiewiet

Rebekah Anthonis

Rachel Anthonis

Elise Kaminski

Emma Witter

Lindsi Wilfing


Michael Brown

Lynell Cunningham

Emmeline Koo

Genevieve Travers

Marissa Gibbons


Congratulations to all of our student-participants that have received All-Metro honors. Several activities have yet to announce their All-Metro selections. We will share those when they become available through Twitter and the Viking Insider.


Joel Jenkins - Soccer - 1st Team

Ryan Zile - Soccer - 1st Team


Courtney Radle - Volleyball - Honorable Mention


Darby Joerling - Softball - 2nd team


Michael Brown - 1 - trumpet

Lynell Cunningham - 3 - flute

Lynell Cunningham - 1 - piccolo

Emmeline Koo - alternate - flute

Genevieve Travers - 2 - flute

Michael Brown - 4 - trumpet - Jazz Band

Marissa Gibbons - 11 - clarinet


Jennifer Moreno - Soprano

Alexandra Janssen - Alto

Sarah Mason - Alto

Madison Jackson - Alto

Lindsi Wilfing - Soprano

Rebekah Anthonis - Soprano

Rachel Anthonis - Alto

Matthew Kieiwet - Tenor

Emma Witter - Soprano

Elise Kaminski - Soprano


Maddi Leigh - Cross Country - 2nd Team


Congratulations to the following student-athletes for making all region honors in their respective sports.


Courtney Radle - Volleyball - 1st

Jessica Hedrick - Volleyball - 2nd

Taylor Schellert - Volleyball - 2nd


Joel Jenkins - Soccer - 1st

Ryan Zile - Soccer - 1st

Jarod Green - Soccer - 1st - Defender of the Year


Darby Joerling - Softball - 1st

Whitney Boschert - Softball - 1st


Congratulations to our fall student-participants that achieved Academic All-State honors. These students not only have excelled in their activity/sport at the state level but have also excelled in the classroom as well. Congratulations to our Academic All-State recipients.

Alexa Brugere - Volleyball

Kennedy Cordia - Volleyball

Emma Witter - Volleyball

Loren Versheldon - Volleyball

Mikayla Hardy - Volleyball

Jessica Hedrick - Volleyball

Karlie Kinsey - Volleyball

Ryan Zile - Soccer

Maddi Leigh - Cross Country


Congratulations to the following young men and women that were recognized for their accomplishments in their respective programs at the State level. This fall 11 Howell student-participants received All-State honors.


Courtney Radle - Volleyball - 1st


Joel Jenkins - Soccer - 1st Team - F (Co-offensive Player of the Year)

Ryan Zile - Soccer - 1st Team - M

Jarod Green - Soccer - 2nd Team - D


Ryan Perkins - Football - 1st Team - LB

Justin Perkins - Football - 2nd Team - LB

Colton White - Football - 2nd Team - WR


Lynell Cunningham - Band - flute

Sarah Mason - Band - viola


Madison Jackson - Choir - alto

Sarah Mason - Choir - alto-alternate


Howell not only saw its programs perform at a high level this fall but also saw many individual accomplishments. FHHS student-athletes across multiple sports competed at the state level and were recognized as some of the top student-athletes in the state in their respective sports. Congratulations to the following young men and women for representing Howell at the state level.


The success of our fall programs would not be possible without the great leaders and role models we have in our programs. FHHS coaches and sponsors create high expectations and work to develop the entire student to prepare them for life after high school. Our coaches were recognized at the local and state level for their contributions and accomplishments on the field. Congratulations to our coaches for receiving these honors.


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Howell Vikings Are Champions In The Community

At FHHS a strong emphasis is put on excelling in the classroom, in the activity/sport, and in the community. Programs at FHHS regularly volunteer and develop outreach programs that are meaningful to them and that help the St. Charles County area as well as others nationally. This fall our FHHS activities, clubs, and sports were able to make a major impact on the lives and opportunities of others through their involvement in their respective programs. To date over $10,000 has been raised by FHHS programs. Below you can find the many ways that the young men and women in our programs at Howell were actively involved in the community. We hope that all students, parents, staff, and Viking fans continue to support the great outreach of all of our programs.

  • Soccer worked with SPENSA in September by helping coach kids with special needs play soccer.
  • Freshmen & Sophomore classes participated in a fundraiser for St. Louis Children’s Hospital.
  • Girls swim partnered with Fedex to help Little Wishes. The Lady Vikings swim program helped package and ship over 300 toys to children in foster care or adoption facilities.
  • Football hosted a Pink Out Game and raised over $1000 for a Viking family battling cancer.
  • Football hosted and sponsored the NFL Punt Pass and Kick preliminary round for community kids age 6-18.
  • Football raises over $2000 to benefit Backstoppers through the "First Responders Night."
  • Girls Softball hosted a Purple Out Game and raised about $2500 to help start a Purple Out Scholarship and donated money to St. Judes/Rufkhar family.
  • Junior Class collected items for Our Lady's Inn
  • FBLA - Adopted a Family for Christmas
  • Junior Achievement/Business Entrepreneurship - Raised $950 from their Apprentice Project that is being donated to Siteman Cancer Center ($600), Lymphoma Society ($200), and Wounded Warrior Project ($150).
  • Student Council purchased over $400 worth of toys for the Shop with a Deputy Toy Drive.
  • STUCO collected over 2,000 cans (over 4,000 with the help of NHS and Boys Basketball) donated to the OASIS Food Pantry.
  • Epsilon Beta raised $221.00 for Cystic Fibrosis Foundation by sponsoring a Hat Day.
  • Epsilon Beta had each member adopt a teenager living at Missouri Baptist Children’s Home and are providing Christmas gifts for them.
  • National Honor Society collected canned food for the Oasis Food Pantry. They collected 1383 cans.
  • National Honor Society collected toys to be distributed to the needy families in St. Charles County. All toys were donated to the St. Charles County Sheriff’s Department for distribution. A total of 283 toys were collected
  • HOSA raised $219 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society back in September/October
  • DECA raised $475 for the American Cancer Society
  • DECA participated in outreach programs for the Oasis Food Pantry & Toys for Tots.
  • Golden Girls collected $1,000 for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation walk, lead the walk, and cheered on other participants as they crossed the finish line
  • Golden Girls members served an average of 3-4 hours each playing with the children at Our Lady's Inn so that single mothers could take classes
  • Golden Girls donated 25 boxes of gift items for needy children through Samaritan's Purse
  • The Varsity and JV Golden Girls squads collected over 200 food and toiletry items for the FHHS Food Pantry at their Friends & Family Performance on December 4th.
  • Cheer did the walk to End Alzheimer's disease in Sept. and raised $890 dollars
  • Cheer supported STUCO and participated in Canstruction for the Oasis Food Pantry
  • Boys Tennis sold "Trevor Socks" to help softball raise money towards their Cancer funds and donated $150.

First Responders Night Raises $2129 For The Backstoppers In 2 Minutes

It just 2 minutes Francis Howell and Francis Howell North fans donated $2,129 to the Backstoppers during a "Dash For Cash" on Friday night. During halftime, the FHHS and FHN cheerleaders passed buckets and boots through the crowd to accept donations for the Backstoppers while John Mellencamp's "R.O.C.K In The USA" played. This money will be added to the money collected during the day at the Mobil On The Run on Highway K. Thank you to all Viking and Knight fans for their donations to the Backstoppers.

First Responders Night - Game Ball Delivery

STUCO Assists Team Up St. Jude

During the 14-15 school year FHHS STUCO participated in "Team Up St. Jude." Over the course of the school year STUCO developed and participated in several activities to raise money for St. Judes Childrens Hospital. As of August 14th FHHS STUCO had raised $4,639.47. We are looking forward to another successful 2015-16 campaign from STUCO and further support for such a great cause.

Softball Raises Over $2500 During "Purple Out" Softball Game

The FHHS Softball program held their annual "Purple Out" game on Monday, September 21st versus FHC at Lindenwood University. This event started as a way to honor the memory of a special Howell student named Trevor Joerling, and has now grown as a way to show support to those families fighting Hodgkins Lymphoma. On Monday night over $2500 was raised from the overwhelming support of Francis Howell, Francis Howell Central, fans, and the community. The money raised is being used to develop a "Purple Out Scholarship," which will be given to a graduating senior who shows strength, leadership, and a passion for what they want to pursue in life. Surplus funds are going towards families who are currently fighting the Hodgkins battle. FHHS would like to thank FHC for their continued support of this great event as well as Lindenwood University for their use of the field.

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Over $400 Raised For Pink Out During Dash For Cash

The football program raised over $400 during a two minute "Dash For Cash" during the annual Pink Out football game. Thank you to all that donated to help find a cause!

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