Healthy Snack Alternatives

by Jacob Taylor

Healthy Snacks

Do you want to change your diet? A healthy diet? Here is a quick question, if you were hungry for a snack and you went to the kitchen and lying on the counter was a couple Pop Tarts and right next to it was a bowl of natural sugar free whole wheat granola and strawberry cereal, which snack would you choose? There are many healthy snacks out there, you just have to find them. For example some healthy snacks would be; sugar free yogurt, fruit snacks, vegetable snacks, nuts (especially almonds), 98% fat free popcorn ( yes popcorn, just depends on the topping) etc.

Get Healthy Challenge

Here is a challenge for you guys! You want to become more healthier right? Well here is a challenge; eat only 3 main meals a day and only 1 snack (has to be healthy) and you also have to walk 1 mile every day of the week except on the weekends. It will take time but you will eventually see a difference for sure! I would track what you eat on a daily log on apps or handwritten. For how many miles travels you can buy unless you already have a step meter to track the distance you have traveled over the period of time you were walking.