Johnson Informer

Principal - Doris Marcum

Upcoming Events

February 4th-Mobile Dentist-Forms should have been turned in

Pep Session 2:45PM in gym

February 15th-School is in session-switched for Election Day.


January 18-Isabelle Marcum

January 19-Peyton Burke

Hunter Mize

January 20-Lilly Neace

Mrs. Flossie McGannon

January 22-Braylin Marcille

Riley Burr

Mrs. Linda Nicholson

January 25-Emma Peacock

January 27-Caneron Hines

Preston Craig

January 28-Mrs. Alicia Van Dyke

January 30-Alexus Whit

February 1-Randi Palmer-Sipe

February 2-Jacob Faris

February 5-Aedan Daehnke

Bailey Everhart

February 7-Marshall Robbins

Alex Contreras-Ramirez

Girls Basketball

Finally, after much delay, we will be having our Girls' basketball Pep Session on Thursday, February 4th at 2:45PM. Boys and Girls, please wear blue and white on Thursday to support our teams.

Students of the Week

Akemon AM-Ronald James

Akemon PM-Amelia White

Burns-Matthew Fitch

Long-Gabby Van Dyke

Funk-Lilly Neace

Spencer-Audrey Bishop

McGannon-Fable Smallwood

Van Dyke-Skyler Eastland

Rose-Mysti Barrett

Meadows-Patience Laney

Richardson-Josh Brunck

Wooten-Riven Smallwood

Schindler-Scarlett Cap

Strobl-Madison Hearin


Our Weekly Heroes

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Employee of the Week

Congratulations!!!! Bobbi Paul for being our Employee of the Week!!!

Weekly Attendance-Every Minute Counts

Akemon AM-94%

Akemon PM-94.3%






Van Dyke-96%








Classroom News

Pre-school-Learning about numbers and counting

Kindergarten-Learning about polar animals

1st grade-Learning about tens and ones

2nd grade-Learning about the lifecycle of a pumpkin

3rd grade-Learning about landforms and geometry

4th grade-Learning about author's purpose, fractions, and electricity

5th grade-Learning about colonial America and metric system

Mrs. Neace-

Principal's Corner

Set aside a special place for your child to keep everything he/she takes to school. Many families have a large cardboard box for each member. Have your child choose a place for the box-near the front door or in his/her room. Every afternoon, his/her first job is to place all school items in the box. When homework is finished, it goes in the box, too. In the morning, the box is the last stop before heading out the door.


Ms. Rose's 3rd grade won the Box Top challenge for the 2nd 9 weeks.

Spirit wear orders will be delivered next week and sent home with students.

Valentine Gram's forms will be sent home next week.

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