Biased Opinion

Courtney Hughes P:6


The benefits for capitalism are...

  • More choices are provided by eating low fat food organic food,& free range food with knowing there exact statistics
  • Every job has a benefit for everyone
  • Politicians were left winged to claim a safety net for the poor
  • Benefits you to live the life you want
  • Equal voting power politically , no matter of race but, even allowed some prisoners to vote as well
  • The economy is in charge of it
How Does Capitalism Benefit the American Economy?


  • Has no choice to contribute,(people unemployed) by living under benefits. There must not be any explanations on the economy. The point is that Capitalism is a global, hegemonic economic system.


  • never used the word "capitalism," preferring to call his economics a "system of natural liberty." In fact, the inner logic of capitalism can be difficult to get hold of simply because there have been different configurations of capitalism throughout history. Classic form, before the advent corporations (when there was still sense of social responsibility, and insatiable greed was considered a vice), capitalism might have appeared less virulent.Capitalist believed in different countries with distinction of political and legal frameworks


BBC, only 11 percent people surveyed in 27 countries were in favor of capitalism. From USA, a well known capitalist economy, only 25 percent were in favor of it.capitalism inspires more freedom, growth and progress; people do have the will to switch to healthier lifestyles. According to his/her ability the will get rematured.