Friday River Launch

May 17, 2019

Do your students affirm each other on a regular basis?

We only have a few weeks left for affirmations! What a great way to end the year, encouraging students to affirm each other, their teachers, and staff!


  • Remember the three A’s.
  • Ask students to choose a word off the Social Contract to affirm, appreciate, or acknowledge another student.

  • Set up safe opportunities for students to verbally affirm one another.
  • Example: After group work, ask students to raise their hands if their group worked well together. Then ask one student to tell what another group member did well.

  • Set up opportunities for students to share written affirmations with one another.
  • Example: After group work, ask students to write a positive thing another group member did and turn it in with the assignment.
  • As the teacher, consider being the postman until safety is established.

Challenge yourself to write each student a written affirmation. Imagine the impact that could make! Thanks for being a positive adult in a child’s life! From CKH Teacher Tips


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