Picking Up The Pace


I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving with your families. With my husband on duty, and not being from here, it was a very calm and quiet day! I did make my first Turkey and it was edible! I sure do prefer going to someone else's house and just bringing the side dish! The kids came back very excited to talk about their Elf on the Shelf that have been showing up in your houses. We will finish up 2nd quarter the last day of school before Winter Break. Report cards will come home the first week of January. I cannot even believe we are talking about January at all!

Magic Paint

The short week of Thanksgiving we did some fun activities. The kids used a white crayon and wrote a sight word, then used water colors to watch the word appear. You could hear a pin drop they were so focused on seeing their words appear.

Month Of Giving

Thank you so much for those who sent in money for the Toys For Tots campaign. We raised around 1800.00. Next week we will begin collecting mittens, hats and gloves. We will place these on the giving tree.

Families One and All

This week we began working with a non fiction book. We are working on recognizing different parts of a non fiction book. This includes the heading, table of contents and labels. We have been writing about ways we do things with our families like the people in the store do. We are continuing to add detail sentences while remembering to use our punctuation and finger spaces.


We finished up teen numbers. The kids for the most part did pretty well. It's important to continue working on these numbers at home as well. We have started a new topic in math now, which is counting and recognizing numbers to 100. We are learning to see patterns in the numbers. The 100 chart is in their binders. Using this to help practice would be a great way to see these patterns.

Sound Dictation

On Fridays you will notice that the students will begin bringing home CVC words. Each day during our phonics lessons we tap, map and write CVC words on our white boards. On Fridays now we will be writing these on paper instead of our white boards. This is another way for me to check to make sure they are hearing sounds correctly and vowels.

Sight Words

We have learned almost of all of the sight words for second quarter. I will be doing a final update in your childs binder to see how they did meeting their goals. I checked a week or so ago and updated their binders with them. Please take a peak to see if they are picking up on these words. These are critical words to know to be reading on grade level.