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An eye for an eye


Just Desserts

Tit for tat



Story time!

Batman: Bruce Wayne, after the death of his parents from a criminal thief, decided to take vengeance. To do so, he went after all criminals within Gotham. Although he did not go after the murderer of his parents specifically, the collective destruction of most of the criminals in Gotham at the price of his parents, who were very rich and influential.

Eye for an Eye


Unlike Gandhi's saying "An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind", an eye for an eye indicates just desserts. When you do something bad, you deserve something equally bad to happen to you. Otherwise no one will be taught any lessons.



1. Don't do to others what you don't want done to you. (Golden Rule)

2. Revenge is morally justified.

3. Don't break the law, or receive punishment in the form of imprisonment depending on your crime.

Top 5

5: The uncle of Spiderman's murderer fell off a building.

4: Cheat on a test? you now failed the test. (Unless you get away with it)

3: OJ Simpson was filed in civil court, who took all of his money, and then robbed a bank.

2: Hammurabi's Code, the first judicial system, is where this saying originates from.

1: The American judicial system is based off of this saying and the justice that resides off of it.