September 22, 2020


Full Outdoor Band Rehearsal

Thursday, Sep. 24th, 3-5pm

2100 Summerfield Road

Winter Park, FL

All sections - Woodwind, Brass, Percussion, and Color Guard - rehearsal in Bus Loop/D-Lot. We will be rehearsing our music for our first football game performance on Friday, 9/25.

Home Football Game - Black Pep Band

Friday, Sep. 25th, 5:30-10pm

2525 Cady Way

Winter Park, FL


Black Pep Band performing.


Plan and Procedures for Performance at Football Games

Please read below for the official plan for Friday's performance at the home football game, and for all Pep Band performances for the time being. First, all students must have these forms completed to participate in outdoor Band activities and events.


Itinerary for Friday 9/25

  • Band students, 5 parent chaperones, Mr. Clemente, and Mr. Smith arrive at Showalter Field by 6:00 PM. All Band students will meet at the northwest gate and stage on the grass field next to the track.
  • During the football game, Band students will be seated in chairs provided by the City of Winter Park in the grassy area in between the north end zone and running track.
  • Students will remain in the area the entire game unless they are either using the portable restroom or sheltering due to inclement weather.
  • At the end of the game, Band students will gather their things and proceed back to their vehicles through the northwest gate.

Uniform for Pep Band performances: 2020-2021 Band Shirt (to be passed out on Friday, 9/25), tan/khaki shorts, belt, athletic shoes, Band face mask

Health and Safety

  • Students wear face masks at all times unless playing a wind instrument.
  • Students spaced at a distance of 10’ minimum at all times.
  • Percussionists and Color Guard wear masks at all times.
  • Directors and Parent Volunteers will monitor physical distance.
  • Parent Volunteers will have hand sanitizer for student use.
  • Students will bring their own jug of water. No sharing of water jugs.
  • Students will only use portable restrooms. Restrooms will be located in the northwest corner of the stadium on the grassy area next to the track. No public use of these restrooms.


  • Our WPHS Administration is asking families to transport their student to and from Showalter Field.
  • Families are also asked to remain in attendance at the game so that in the case of inclement weather their student(s) will be able to shelter in the family vehicle.
  • Each Band student will receive 2 complimentary tickets for their family to use at home football game at which their student is performing. These tickets will be physical tickets provided to the students prior to each game.

Inclement Weather Plan

  • Two school buses will be stationed at the north side of the stadium to act as shelter in the event of inclement weather. Students who do not have another vehicle to go to for shelter will utilize the buses in this event.
  • Students whose families are able to stay in attendance at the game will meet their family at their vehicle and shelter there.


  • Personal Water Jug: Each student needs to bring their own personal water jug of at least a half gallon. The student's name should be clearly marked on the jug. Water jugs are not to be shared.
  • Flip-Folders and Lyres: All students must have a flip-folder and a lyre to contain their music for outdoor band. Flip Folders are quite easy to come by and readily available for purchase online or in a local music store like Underwood Music, the Band Room, or Music Shack. Lyres are much more specific to each instrument. The best way to purchase a lyre is to bring your student's instrument into a music shop and "try-on" lyres. Since manufacturing differs, lyre sizing differs as well.
  • Printed Music: Students should have all their parts printed and placed into their flip folder before our Full Outdoor Band rehearsal on Thursday. If you do not have access to a printer at home, have your student contact their section leader to find a solution to having music copied. All PDFs of music for outdoor band can be found on Canvas under Modules.


Pep Band Assignments

Please see below for pep band assignments. This week the Black Pep Band will perform at the home football game. At next week's home football game, 10/2, the Orange Pep Band will perform.

Drumline/Percussion: Perform at every home game.

Color Guard: Perform with the Orange Pep Band.

Drum Majors: Perform at every home game.

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Hello Band Families!

Now that we know that we have upcoming needs for parent chaperones, it's time to either renew as an ADDitions volunteer or apply if you've never done so. It is easy to apply and get approved, and it is a requirement to sign up to volunteer at school. Be prepared to upload a photo and please be sure to read the Covid-19 Acknowledgment.

Follow this link at ocps.net:

  1. *Click "Volunteer Now"
  2. Click on the "Additions Volunteers" round button
  3. Click "Volunteers" as the Opportunity Type
  4. Select the school of your choice. (Winter Park High)
  5. Select opportunity #1 called: "Become an ADDitions School Volunteer" (MUST BE THE FIRST OPPORTUNITY SELECTED) and then click "view details". Click "Sign up" Then either sign in if you already have an account or create a new Volunteer Profile account.
  6. Renewal Applicants can check their Dashboard for eligibility status. Everyone will need to answer or update your safety questions. Just follow the prompts. Then click "Previously Registered Volunteer Next Steps" if you want to search for volunteer opportunities outside of band. *Application is processed and subject to a background check
  7. If you're a new applicant, click "New Volunteer Next Steps" if you want to look for volunteer opportunities outside of band.
  8. If you only want to volunteer for band, there is no need to click the "Search for opportunities" link.
  9. If we become ready for volunteers, you can sign up for band opportunities on charmsoffice.com under "Parents/Students/Members", then enter the school code: WinterparkHSBand, enter your password, click "volunteer", then select an event and opportunity. At this time it is not necessary to sign up for anything. However, if you have a moment, it's helpful to walk through the steps of signing up so you are familiar with the process.

If you have any questions or concerns about volunteering or signing up with ADDitions, don't hesitate to contact me at robynfodor@gmail.com.

Stay healthy!

Robyn Fodor - Band Volunteer Coordinator