Important Reopening Information

January 7, 2021

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Message from the Principal...

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a restful and healthy holiday break. Wishing peace and good health throughout 2021! As you were informed Tuesday evening, Shelton Public Schools will be moving to full in-person learning starting MONDAY, JANUARY 11, 2021. Students in our K-4 schools will report to their designated school on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays for in-person learning, with Wednesdays now being our distance learning day.

  • School hours are 9:00 am-3:45 pm. Student drop off begins at 8:45 am. Any students arriving via car after the doors close at 9:00 will be marked tardy.

  • All students (both remote and in-person) are to register absences by 9:10am. If you are in-person, teachers will be recording attendance.

  • Dismissal begins at 3:45. If you are picking your child up, please make sure you have ID ready and follow all social distancing protocols. Please use the white circles to assist. Changes in dismissal will NOT be accepted after 2:00pm. All dismissal changes need to be into writing. If there is an emergency, please call the main office versus emailing the classroom teacher, as they are instructing and able to check emails until students dismiss.

  • Wednesday will be a full-day distance-learning day and will follow a full day schedule-9:00 AM-3:45 PM. Your child's schedule will consist of all academic areas, in addition to lunch, recess, art, music, media and PE. Your child's teacher will share their new schedule.

  • You will be provided details for scheduled synchronous learning times (it will not be live streaming all day). Your child is expected to attend these Meets.

  • The primary mode of instruction for Full Distance Learning students will be asynchronous.

  • Students will continue to eat in the classrooms. We remain a nut free school. Lunch and breakfast are free of charge for all students everyday through the end of this school year - June 2021. Food distribution will continue for our distance learners. Distribution is at SHS Mon-Fri 9am-12noon, as well as Tuesday & Thursday evenings from 5pm-6pm in the bus loop.

  • Masks are required all day. Mask breaks will be given throughout the day per the teacher. Shields are permitted, BUT not in place of a mask. Shields alone are not acceptable.

To help keep our schools open, please remind your child(ren) to keep their mask on during the bus rides to & from school and siblings/ family members in the same house should be sitting together. The busses do have more students, since we are not cohorting, resulting in two students to a seat on most busses. I would also encourage electronic games to stay at home. We have had several incidents with games coming out and causing issues on the bus. Students turning around, leaning over seats or into a seat, not following social distancing practices. Our main priority is to keep our students safe on the bus.

Please remember to go through the Daily Self Checklist before sending your child to school (link is below) and keep your child home if they are not feeling. Due to these unprecedented times, a doctor's note is required for a child to return if absent two consecutive days, a parent note will not suffice during the pandemic.

To report a positive Covid19 case, please contact the school nurse directly:

Stephanie Elliott

203-922-3021 or email at

If you decide to move from the Full Distance Learning Model to In-Person Learning, please email Mrs. Yost directly at The district requests three school days notice prior to returning. This will allow the school and bus company to make the proper adjustments.

Please visit the district's COVID19 link ( on the main

We are looking forward to having our hallways filled with our Sunnyside Tigers!

We appreciate all your support.

Be like Pete the Tiger, wear your mask!


Mrs. Yost

COVID 19 DAILY Self-Checklist

Click Here Complete this COVID 19 check each morning before your child leaves for school each day. If you reply YES to any of the questions, STAY HOME!! It is imperative that we work TOGETHER to keep our schools safe.


January 4th - Classes resume Full Distance Learning

January 8th - Cozy Up Day

  • “Let’s bundle up for the cold days of winter. Wear Scarves, sweaters, hats and gloves!”

January 11th - Return to In-person Learning

January 13th - NEW *Full Day of Distance Learning

January 18th - No School in observance of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

January 22nd - Superhero Day

  • “What's your superpower? Who inspires you? Who's your HERO? Create your own superhero who has special abilities. Maybe your superpower can help make the world a better place.”
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School issued Chromebooks/ BOYD

We are excited to have all our students back in-person! We are sensitive to the need for your child to have access to technology on their distance learning days at home, however we also utilize the technology at school on a daily basis. We ask that if your child borrowed a school issued chromebook from Sunnyside School, that they bring it to school each day. This will be the device that your child uses in school. Please be sure that it is fully charged each evening and is ready for a full day of work at school. We ask that the computer is transported in a plastic bag in your child's backpack to and from school, so it is protected. At this time, Shelton is not a one-to-one district and technology is limited at the elementary level. Therefore, if your child does not transport this device to and from school there will not be another device for your child to use while in school.

Parents also have the option of having their child bring their own device (either a laptop or Chromebook) to school for them to use. If you would like your child to use their own device from home at school a Bring Your Own Device Agreement must be signed and returned to the main office. See link below.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Policy/ Agreement

Click here to retrieve BYOD agreement to sign and return to school.

School Routines/ Learning Expectations

  • Recess-Students are able to have recess outside, weather permitting. Classes will not be able to be mixed during recess, students must remain socially distanced and masks must remain on the entire time, both for indoor and outdoor recess. Your child’s class will have assigned outdoor areas for recess. I would suggest that you have your child bring individual recess bags with things for them to do if you would like such as jump ropes, chalk, etc. We will go outside if the temperature and wind chill factor are above 32 degrees, so students need hats, gloves, scarves and jackets. We do not have any to loan out nor coverage to stay indoors, if the class goes outside.

  • Lunch- Students will continue to eat in the classrooms. We remain a nut free school. Lunch and breakfast are free of charge for all students everyday through the end of this school year - June 2021. Food distribution will continue for our distance learners. Distribution is at SHS Mon-Fri 9am-12noon, as well as Tuesday & Thursday evenings from 5pm-6pm in the bus loop.

  • Specials - PE, Art, Music and Media will be held in their designated area of the building. All mitigating strategies will be followed - social distancing, mask wearing, and hand hygiene. Tables will be wiped down in between classes and shared materials will be sanitized.

  • Expectations for Full Distance Learners & Wednesdays- Parents have the responsibility to be sure their child/children are logging on and marking attendance by 9:10 each day. You will be provided details for scheduled synchronous learning times (it will not be live streaming all day) to ensure your child’s attendance with those meets.

Arrival and Dismissal

As we prepare for the reopening of in-person learning, just a friendly reminder about our arrival and dismissal procedures.

Morning arrival - Parents are asked to stay in their car to facilitate a quick drop-off. Move your car down to loop where two staff members are located. If at all possible, please have your child sit on the passenger side to allow easy access out of the vehicle. We are expecting double the number of cars, as many parents selected to drive their child to school. We ask that you do not block the front parking lot where the buses are exiting, and be cautious of the traffic on River Road. The front parking lot is for busses only.

Dismissal - Parents are expected to wear a mask and social distance while waiting at the side gym doors to pick-up their child. We have white dots on the sidewalk to assist with social distancing. We ask that parents stay in a single, file line and not crowd on the grass near the dismissal doors. Mr. Macek and Mrs. Giampaolo have done a great job with implementing a smooth, safe and efficient dismissal for our students. Please have proper ID ready if our staff does not recognize you. Thank you for your support! School dismisses at 3:45pm.

Travel Advisory

  • Shelton Public Schools are still following the 14 day self-quarantine protocols.

  • If a student or staff member is traveling, it is the responsibility of the traveler to follow the necessary steps to return to school.

  • Can travelers be tested for COVID-19 instead of self-quarantine?

  • A Traveler is exempt from the self-quarantine requirement if the Affected Traveler (1) has had a test for COVID-19 in the seventy-two (72) hours prior to arrival in Connecticut or at any time following arrival in Connecticut, (2) the result of such COVID-19 test is negative, and (3) he or she has provided written proof of such negative test result to the Commissioner of Public Health via email to: or via facsimile to: (860) 326-0529. If a test was obtained in the seventy-two (72) hours prior to arrival in Connecticut, or following arrival in Connecticut, and such Affected Traveler has not yet received his or her test results, such traveler shall remain in self-quarantine in Connecticut until a negative test result is submitted to the Commissioner of Public Health. If the test result is positive and the traveler is asymptomatic, he or she shall self-isolate for ten (10) days from the date of the test; if symptomatic, he or she should seek medical assistance. Travelers who test positive for COVID-19 prior to traveling to Connecticut should delay such travel and consult with a medical professional.

  • School nurses are not to accept results for negative tests as a return to school after traveling; all information must be cleared by the Commissioner of Public Health.

  • Proof of clearance from the Commissioner of Public Health must be sent to;

Adrianna Collins, RN, COVID-19 Liaison:


As previously communicated by the district and school, all Shelton schools are NUT FREE. Please do not send in any products containing nuts with your child to school. If a product is brought in your child will NOT be permitted to eat it. Please check all food items brought into school to make sure they do not contain nuts. This is to ensure the safety of all our students.
January Breakfast and Lunch Menus

Click here for SPS Breakfast and Lunch Menus for January

Character Word of the Month

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Forget how to submit your work, log onto Google Classroom or Seesaw? Click on this link to Mrs. Yacawych's Toolkit.

School Reward Programs


Box Tops for Education can be sent in to your classroom teachers anytime throughout the school year. Please submit them in an envelope whenever possible with your child’s name, teacher’s name and number of Box Tops written on the outside. The money we receive through this program will be used to purchase supplies for Sunnyside School. The more Box Tops we collect, the more educational supplies we can buy. The class that collects the most will earn extra recess time! Happy collecting!

SHOP & SHOP A+ Bonus Bucks

Please register your Stop & Shop card on the Stop & Shop website so that Sunnyside School will receive contributions from your grocery purchases. You will still earn your Gas Points.


1. Go to Stop & Shop website:

2. Click on the A+ in the upper right hand corner.

3. When you get to the A+ page click on the Learn more button.

4. Register your card by responding to the questions about the first 3 letters of your last name and your card number.

5. Continue responding to the prompts until you have confirmed the registration. Please make sure that you select Sunnyside Elementary School as your school of choice. School Code - 06217 OR Send in your 13-digit number, and the name the card is registered under, to the main office.


Help Sunnyside School earn extra funding by registering your REDcard under Sunnyside School. Parents may register online through the Target website. Target will donate up to 1% of your REDcard purchases at Target stores and at


Sunnyside School is registered for Smile Amazon. It’s another reward program where the school earns a percentage of your purchases when shopping with Amazon. All you need to do is sign into Amazon through and select Sunnyside Elementary School PTO. Once you select Sunnyside School, every time you shop through, it automatically recognizes that charitable organization. It’s the same site as Amazon, and your Amazon Prime subscription works too! The upcoming holiday shopping season is the perfect time to raise money for our school! All proceed will help support our PBIS incentives.

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