News from Ms. Sullivan

February 2016

Third Grade Identification Update

We are still waiting for Iowa Assessment scores to be returned. As soon as scores are in hand, the school-based AIG Committee will meet to review all data collected. This group will then make recommendations for placement. Parents will be notified of testing results and committee decisions via US mail. Please continue to check my website for updates and don't hesitate to contact me with any questions.

What's Happening in 4th Grade?

Reading: Students are researching information on the state they chose to study. The state project includes three parts: state booklet, float, and presentation. Guidelines and expectations are posted in Google Classroom. Students will be completing the float at home. Other work will be completed during class.

Math: Students are starting an algebra unit using the Hands-On-Equations curriculum. Unit objectives include: developing an understanding of the concepts of equivalence, variable, constant, equation, equal and not equal; modeling abstract algebraic expressions using concrete models; applying math properties to balance an equation; solving for a missing variable; and, checking solutions for accuracy.

ESG: Students are working on the advertising unit. They are learning how advertising appeals to human needs as well as common persuasion tactics that are used in advertising.

CSG: Students have begun a group inquiry project. This is a student led inquiry that provides opportunities to develop research and collaboration skills. Guidelines are based on Stephanie Harvey's book entitled Collaboration & Comprehension. Inquiry incorporates many of the principles of Problem-Based Learning.

What's Happening in 5th Grade?

Reading: Students are continuing to develop their countries. Most of them have finished the outlines detailing information regarding their country's history, government, culture, climate, geography, and ecosystems. Those finished are working on designing flags and maps for their country. Next they will be creating their presentations to share.

Math: Student teams are collaborating to determine which elements they plan to include in their park designs. Most teams are in the research phase gathering information about pricing and construction. This problem-based learning unit provides students with the opportunity to apply math skills in a real world situation, as well as developing English Language Arts skills as they research and develop a proposal.

ESG & CSG: Students have become architects and engineers as they design and build bridges that incorporate the principles and elements we studied.

Claxton 5th Grade Service Learning

I had the awesome opportunity to join Claxton 5th graders for their MLK Day of Service. It was wonderful to hear all the positive things students took away from this experience.
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Dickson 4th Grade Lunch Bunch

4th graders join me for lunch on Wednesdays. :)
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Due to snow, February 19th and April 22nd are no longer early release days. May 10th and June 8th are also being used for snow make-up. If we miss another day, then February 22 becomes a school day.