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Week of 3.27.16 & 4.10.16


Staff Edition

Mission Statement

Northwood Elementary School will provide higher-level learning opportunities for all students to maximize their potential in a safe, nurturing, respectful, and diverse environment.

Open House 3/31 from 6:30-8:00 PM

A reminder that this is a great night to showcase our learners, building and classrooms. This is not a night for individual parent conferences as it would be difficult to have a confidential conversation during the busy evening. I will announce the end of the evening on the PA and thank all of our guests.

March is Reading Month - “A Minion Reasons to Read”

Keep following the calendar and activities. Thanks for a great month of reading. Nice job MIRM Committee!
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Jump Rope for Heart - American Heart Association

Our building raised over 11,000 dollars this year! Nice job. Thanks for collecting the envelopes. Thanks for organizing Keith.
PBIS Matrix/March Lesson Focus

Please focus on "Arrival/Departure" during the month of March. Please REVIEW and PRACTICE all four areas in the OAKS Matrix related to Cafeteria behavior. Be prepared to discuss with your colleagues and share lessons.

PBIS Matrix/April Lesson Focus

Please focus on "Hallways" during the month of March. Please REVIEW and PRACTICE all four areas in the OAKS Matrix related to Hallway behavior. Be prepared to discuss with your colleagues and share lessons.

Congratulations to the Northwood 2015-16 Reflections Winners

Jacob Podmokly grade K Photo

Luscia Kuban grade 4 2D

Maddox Podmokly grade 3 Photo

Olivia Lupone grade 3 photo

Reagan Millard grade 5 3D

Zoey Worcester grade 2 2D

Aidan Wilson grade 1 video

Delaney Dalziel grade 4 2D

Simon Beljak grade 2 2D

Educator Effectiveness - Think about these items

The following link has all the Educator Effectiveness information in one great location. The most recent items you can review are located here:

I recommend tenured staff take a look at and start thinking about this item that is part of the year end summative: Professional Growth Goals form is completed, required as part of the summative conference (Section 380.1249, 2.a.iii).

Nontenured staff should be reviewing their growth goals and the status of each goal.

Please make an appointment if you have any questions or need a tutorial on Teachscape usage. Don't wait until the last minute.

Recess Reminder

Please remember to follow the recess guidelines. Remember we have two playgrounds. Supervision is important. Thank you.


Please check the Assessment Calendar and make sure you know what you need in for 3MP.

Thank you.

5th grade teachers only (shared with parents)

Invitation: Mr. Noonan is inviting 5th grade parents to attend the ROMS Incoming 6th Grade Orientation/Open House on March 30 from 6-8pm. Contact ROMS with any questions.


Mr. Noonan has shared the following information to help with planning and transition to ROMS:

ROMS Before & After school programs ( on the right-hand side of the ROMS home page.


Please send pictures of "learning in action" to P. Sutterfield ( Make sure students are not on the media opt out list. Thanks.

Dates to Remember : Check Google Calendar

Please check for assemblies, days off, Chromebook signup, etc. Please put your field trips/events on the calendar once approved.

Odds and Ends

*Lost and found items are in the hall and I have noticed several items were picked up. Have your students take a look as they pass by. Items will be bagged for donation after 3/30/16.

*Trash barrels will be in the hall on Thursday. Students should clean out their lockers at your convenience and items should be sent home. It is a good time to make sure ALL food and wrappers are removed. The winter gear should be sent home also. All food should be removed from desks.

*Please clean items out of the refrigerators and freezers (staff lounge and office). Label items with your name and a discard date if you want them to remain. Unlabeled items will be tossed 4/1. Tape and a marker will be near both refrigerators for your convenience. Please check and toss your items that are no longer "fresh". Thanks.

*4/1 is Records Day. Work required and attendance optional.

*Make sure I get a copy of your news.

*Please make sure you contact the Volunteer Recognition Committee about your participation and donations. Thanks. The event is 4/11 (the day we return from break).

Northwood District Website Calendar

Do you know what is happening? Please check the building and Google calendar often. Let me know if you do not have access. Enter field trips and class events on the Google calendar.


Click the button above if you need to look up a district policy.

Schedules Folder

You can access schedules in this folder.

School Information and Student Handbook

Please make sure you keep this as a reference. Check out the showcases:)

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