More Mosaic Everywhere for Everyone

A multi - layer project

Youth exchange in Larache, Morocco.

Dates: August 1-9 (arrival: August, 1st – departure: August, 9th)

About us

More Mosaic is a non-governmental organization based in Stockholm, Sweden. Its aims are to promote academic, cultural and political exchange, to participate in the discussion about European citizenship and to serve as a platform for meaningful collaboration between Sweden, EU and other actors beyond former geopolitical borders.

Updating without losing its origins, More Mosaic’s mission is the exchange of best practices with other countries’ civil society’s representatives, the spread of democratic principles and the involvement of youth workers in activities enhancing the European Union’s values.

About the project

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The idea of the project originated during two very successful youth exchanges that were conducted by More Mosaic in cooperation with Ukrainian and Moroccan partners in 2016 under the frame name 'More Mosaic'.

Caring such experience with the variety of cultures, histories, religions, colors, symbols and vivid human communication brought new inspiration and laid a ground for an expanded continuation: a multi-layer project 'More Mosaic Everywhere for Everyone'.

The project includes three activities:

1. Georgia - June

2. Morocco - August

3. Ukraine - September

The second exchange in Morocco will introduce participants to different cultures. The participants will discover that tolerance, multiculturalism and inclusion are important elements of an ancient tradition of the African continent. There, since ages, many nations and cultures (e.g. Berbers, Moroccan Jews, Arabs and Muslims as well as Europeans) co-existed in peace. Each and every one was respected and found its place in the community. The collection of the participating countries and the local environment all together will facilitate an interesting exchange and debate on culture, place of a religion, national identity and above all – a notion of tolerance.

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The project's general aims

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- to promote participation in democratic life in Europe and partner countries, in the labour market, active citizenship, intercultural dialogue, social inclusion and solidarity;

- to promote European citizenship’s values;

- to foster quality improvements in youth work, in particular through enhanced cooperation between organisations in the youth field;

- to promote mobility and capacity building.

Additionally, this activity has its specific aims:

- to raise awareness and understanding of other cultures and countries;

- to encourage inter-cultural dialogue, multicultural diversity and social inclusion;

- to expand knowledge on the notions of religion, acceptance and tolerance.

- to share experience and encourages new youth initiatives.

About the accomodation

Larache, Arabic Al-ʿArāʾīsh, is an atlantic port city, in northern Morocco, at the mouth of the Loukkos (Lucus) River. With 80 Kms from Tanger and the its airport, and 150 Kms from the capital Rabat, Larache enjoys a strategic location with a beautiful view on the ocean.

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The Venue: Institut de Technologie de Pêche Maritime (Larache Institute of Sea Fishing). Participants will stay in double rooms (Bed linen provided, however not the towels, participants should bring their own!), with toilets and bathrooms in the corridor (separate for F/M). It is a complex of buildings: in one we live, in another one we eat and in another one have workshops. And yes, there is WiFi.
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About insurance

NB that the European insurance card is useless in Morocco is it's a non-Eu country, so no Blue Card, but on the other hand, if you think you'll need one, you can always buy a cheap insurance from your country, at your own costs. In case of, we will help any participant to get medicine and medical care, but we strongly recommend everyone to have a minimum of medication bought (headache, stomach ache, mosquito bites).

For the EU residents – apply for insurance card at

Number of participants

Youth exchange in Morocco. Dates: August 1-9 (arrival: August, 1st – departure: August, 9th)

Age of participants: Five youth between 18-30 y.o. + 1 group leader above 30 y.o.

More Mosaic (Sweden) – 6 persons (530 EUR per person)

Train of Future (Morocco) – 6 persons (20 EUR per person)

EESTI PEOPLE TO PEOPLE (Estonia) – 6 persons (530 EUR per person)

UNITED SOCIETIES OF BALKANS ASTIKI ETAIREIA (Greece) – 6 persons (360 EUR per person)

Travel costs

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The organizers will reimburse 100% of participants' travel costs from your home city to Larache, Marocco within the limit defined by Erasmus+ program. Please see the table above to check for the exact amount.

Reimbursement of the travel costs will only be done after submitting all original tickets, receipt/invoices, boarding passes and later sending of the return documents and boarding passes. Save the boarding passes from your airport check in as well. Please, be aware that in case you loose any invoices or tickets we will not be able to reimburse the cost. Reimbursement will be done in EURO, regardless of the currency indicated on your ticket and receipt/invoice according to the official currency exchange rate of European


Important: the reimbursement of travel costs for participants will be done via a bank transfer to the bank account, providing we receive all original travel documents within two months after the training.

You are welcome to consult with us before purchasing the tickets via

About food

Meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and two coffee breaks will be provided and covered by the organizers. However expenses made on your free time have to be paid by the participants. Local shops are everywhere since the city center is close to the venue.


We have a strict non-alcohol policy during the project and your whole stay in Morocco. Alcohol is not allowed during intercultural night either.

Arrival logistics

Arrival: August 1 - Departure: August 9

Participants arriving at Tangier Airport or other places will have to communicate their arrival time, so our team will be present there with a 'More Mosaic' banner to meet them. As for others arriving to different cities, they can either take the bus directly to Larache, or the train to El Ksar El Kebir (since there is none in Larache), which is a small town 30 min away, there also we will be able to meet you.

Check bus from Malaga airport to Algericas – 3 times per day then take ferry transfer to Tangier. It is an exciting sea trip!

There are frequent ferry boats from Malaga to Tangier and you buy tickets on the spot, no need to buy online

Option 1.

If you travel from another city, for instance, Casablanca, you can either take the bus directly to Larache, or the train to El Ksar El Kebir (since there is no train station in Larache).

You can take a taxi to Institut de Technologie de Pêche Maritim, Larache from El Ksar El Kebir. It is 30 min away and non-expensive.

Option 2. For those who travel from Barcelona or Malaga to Tangier.

You can take taxi from Tangier directly to Larache. If you cannot find such, go directly to Tangier city and then to Larache.

It should cost around 600 MAD that is 55 euro.
For a group it is fine. Ask for receipt from the driver and save it in case you have reserve for travel.

There will be a cost-effective transfer arranged for you in advance. Later it will be covered from your group travel costs. We will do our best to keep it as low as possible.

What to bring

- all original tickets for the trip;

- passport for travelling;

- your own towels;

- food & national flag for the intercultural evening (traditional clothes,

tourist brochures or any similar stuff are welcome) ;

- swimming suits, flipflops and extra towels, because YES, we totally Vamos a

la playa;

- sport clothes;

- sun cream, sunglasses & hat/cap;

- protection from mosquitoes and insects (cream, spray).

How to apply

Please fill the form and we will contact you in due time

(only for participants from SWEDEN).


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From the Swedish organization:

Yulia Usova - Head of More Mosaic

Tel: +46 768197592 (Viber), Mail:

From the Moroccan organization:

Said Bouchiba - Moroccan Org. representative

Tel: +212 661930085 - Mail:

Yousef Jebari - Contact Person and Coordinator

Tel: +212 611907632 - Mail:

Karim Bouchiba - Driver

Tel: +212 672567234