Snapshot - Home Learning Edition


Welcome to our CTS Snapshot - a weekly celebration update. We would like to continue to share the achievements of our students during this uncertain time. Each week we will include new ideas for student challenges to do at home, nominations of students who we are celebrating in each subject, and updates from the home learning team. If you have done a piece of work you are really proud of, or have completed one of our challenges and would like to share it in Snapshot next week, please email this to with the title of the email being 'Snapshot', including a short description of your work, and we will choose a selection to share.

Gallery of Work:



The English team have made the following nominations:

  • Year 10 Drama students Tamsyn D, Lucas N and Marli T top Drama assignments.

  • Year 10 English students Sam, Tamsyn and Ana for their exceptional Jekyll and Hyde essays.
  • Year 9 English student Sammah for excellent speech writing.
  • Year 8 English students Dylan C, Melissa and Ella C for their excellent gothic stories
  • Year 7 English students Joshua B and Rhys G for their poetry comparisons in the Year 7 assignment.


  • Year 10 student Declan for best assignment score in his group.
  • Year 9 - Oscar H, Oscar S and Sammah for excellent effort on Home Study booklets.
  • Year 8 - Patrick, Jonathan, Melissa for achieving 100% on their assignment. Jessica for Excellent effort and presentation and good use of Mathematical symbols and Dylan, Adam S and Brooke for great response to feedback to improve their assignment marks.


Mr Chatfield has nominated:

  • Year 10 students Darci and Denis for exceptional effort completing assignments in PE.
  • Year 8 student Tanya for on her work creating a circuit card.


  • Mrs Vaghadia has nominated Year 10 student Lukasz for working extra hard in Sociology and been completing additional exam style questions. Well done!
  • The following Year 8 students received full marks for their Geography assignment:

    Millie, Jessica, Lilly, Ella, Ana, Melissa, Olivia, Kai, Amie-Leigh, Paulina, Myrtle, Dylan C, Jonathan, Channelle, Ellie C, Joel, Chanel, Victoria, Kian, Sarah, Theo and Szymon.

  • Year 8 student Ryan B for very good subject knowledge in History and Year 7 Zsofia for a lovey History essay.

  • Well done to Year 7 students Ollie J, Oliver W and Kacper L and Angel Year 9 for their efforts in the Virtual Schools challenge.


Miss Graziano has nominated 7TE for their assignment submissions for Spanish. They are currently the highest scoring year 7 tutor group for the quiz!

Computer Science:

  • Year 8 students Harley, Dawa,and Adam S for their brilliant re-creations of the “Snake” video game in Scratch. They’ve all shown amazing creativity to add their own design flair to their games to help them stand out in the crowd.
  • Also nominated Year 8 students Georgiana (image below), Sarah, Theo and Dylan C for their excellent work on their Scratch assignment.


  • Year 10 Combined Science students: Ana, Ines, Dragos, Tamsyn, Charlize, Declan, Katie and Shaylan all scored over 20 on their science assignment.
  • Year 10 Separate Science students: Sam, Carmon, Ryan, Eoin, Lucas, Sunny, Sonny, Arnas and Junhao who completed all 3 science assignments.

  • Year 8 Students who did well on their Assignment: Melissa S, Dylan C, Ana L, Nikoden C, Ella C.

Design Technology:

Miss Blencowe has nominated the following Year 8 students for super effort and excellent scores in their assignments this week. All showed an amazing recall of knowledge and understanding: Rhia, Emma, Emily, Dylan, Calum, Bence, Jonathan and Hollie.


We delivered our first assembly on Wednesday and if they would like to see it students will be able to access via their tutor group team.

Virtual Schools Challenge

Students have been invited to get involved with a virtual challenge relevant to the current situation we currently find ourselves in. All information is in RSCS Teams for all Year groups in Class Materials. There is a PDF file and a video from the Chief Constable explaining what to do. There is a short turn around and I need to send entries back to the Police by 7th May so if you would like to enter please upload your work by 5th May.

With regards to the 2019/2020 challenge on gangs and criminal exploitation, sadly this challenge will not be proceeding any further this school year. Thank you to all the year 9’s who took part and who got through to the final. We are hoping the Police will be able to give recognition of the work so far.

Home Learning Nomination

This poem was written by Year 7 student Maya. It's a poem inspired by the WW1 poetry they've been studying as part of the year 7 home-learning module.
Big picture
This was created by Year 8 student Georgiana for the Computer Science assignment.
Big picture
Timetheos created this amazing food face.
Big picture

Student Challenges

Each week we will be setting you some extra challenges to do at home. Send us pictures of your successes to: to share in next week’s edition.

Life Skills Challenge

Waste not, want not! Fix something that is broken – maybe you could sew a button back on to your coat, or stick a loose page back into a book.

Creative Commission

Thanks to Timotheos (Year 8) who shared his food face last week (picture above). Also to the students in school who made bread faces with Miss Shran and Miss Hallybone (picture below).

Your creative commission this week is to use your photography skills to make yourself look huge or tiny – you can either use perspective, or some kind of editing to achieve this.

Enrichment Inspiration

Watch a live theatre show for free online (see some links in our enrichment page here) and write a short theatre review – how many stars will you give the show out of 5 and why?

Big picture
Big picture
Big picture

Weekly Winners

April 20th – April 26th

Highest number of students taking quizzes – 7SW & 7TE
Highest number of quizzes passed – 7SW
Highest number of words read – 7SW

Focus Feature - Science

Mr. Godfrey has had the opportunity to spend a lot more time with his daughter. It was great to be there to see her take her first steps and words. She is now able to cause a lot more problems than before so she takes up a lot of time! Mr Godfrey has been attempting to keep fit by running and doing the Joe Wicks workouts.

When not working hard on setting and marking your work Mr Cox is busy exercising daily, working on his garden and has also taken to upcycling his furniture by learning to upholster.

Miss McGrath completed the London Marathon 26 mile challenge on her bike and donated money to Leeds Cares, the official charity partner of the Leeds Teaching Hospitals for the incredible, lifesaving work they have been doing the last few weeks.

Besides planning your lessons and marking your amazing work, Mrs. Brightwell is letting her creative juices flow. Not only is she able to plan and decorate her house on Animal Crossing: New Horizons, but she is enjoying her time quilting.

Apart from work, Miss Tooms has been spending her time trying out and perfecting new recipes, like this chocolate Soufflé.

When not helping plan our lessons for when we are back, Mrs. Kritzinger has keeping busy by building puzzles, exploring/getting to know Corby by foot and baking.

Apprenticeship News:

The March parent information pack from Amazing Apprenticeships is here:

It offers information and support for young people and parents who are considering an apprenticeship as their next step.