Ehrmann Times

2016 Edition

What you will find below

This is a compilation of writing pieces from the students in our reading class. They were given the opportunity to create anything they wanted to share with the audience. They were responsible for writing, researching, editing, and finalizing everything. Enjoy!

Who Am I?

  1. I was A lawyer in Africa

  2. I was kicked out of first class on a train and beaten up because of my race

  3. I Am Indian

  4. I broke the British power

  5. I Said that India would fight along the british troops if we had our freedom

  6. Lived from 1869-1948

  7. I was assassinated on January 30, 1948

  8. I said “ The weak can never forgive, forgiveness is a power of the strong

  9. My middle name is Karamchand

  10. I am Known for my ascetic lifestyle

  11. My first name is Mohandas

  12. I supported the british effort in world war 1

  13. I am a pacifist

  14. I prefer homespun cloth

  15. I started a lot of hunger strikes against the british government

  16. I often dress only in a loincloth and shawl

  17. I started the salt March

  18. If india had a george washington I would be him

  19. I gave India freedom from Britain

  20. I was assinated 68 years ago

  21. My last name starts with G

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By Jason Linske

P.R.O.U.D Assembly-Introducing Determined

Friday May 20th, was the last P.R.O.U.D assembly of the 2015-2016 school year. This day we recognized all the Seylar students that showed “United” behavior consistently over the past few months. Also,“Be Determined” the last letter of P.R.O.U.D was introduced.

This assembly began with Mr. Roe’s welcoming, and the Pledge of Allegiance. Afterwards, Mrs. Gray led the Seylar school song and the “Seylar Band” took part. This “band” consisted of 3 5th graders, 2 3rd graders, 2 1st graders, and now 2 D.V.K kindergarteners. Then all 5th graders who received the “Be United” paw were called up on the stage for their certificate and picture. Then 4th grade, 3rd, and so on were called up.

At every P.R.O.U.D assembly there is a “Rise to the Challenge” game showing the new letter, and in this case being determined. Teachers in all grades and 1 student in each grade level had to jump rope consistently for 2:00 minutes straight. If stopped, the jump roper had to take off a rubber band, and once all rubber bands were gone the contestant was out. Mrs.Groff and her partner Avery won with 2 rubber bands total.

During the game, a song was played which was made by a high school student just for Seylar. He was just 1 of the 3 special guests here, and the other 2 were former students at this school about 50 years ago, when the school was called Hilltown School. They talked about how this school has changed over the years.

To conclude the assembly, Mrs.Demurat’s 2nd grade class performed a special song they have been working on.

Written By: Corissa McDonald


There was once a normal family. There was a dad named Jake Novoa, a mom named Selena Novoa, their 2 sons Jax and Tommy, and their 2 daughters, Caitlyn and Jessie. All the kids always noticed how secretive their parents were. They were always sneaking around and things always appeared out of nowhere. They always ignored it until one day. “Kids come down for dinner” called Selena. Then they all rushed down the stairs. “What” screamed Caitlyn. The whole family then rushed to her in the living room. “What’s wrong” said Jax looking concerned. They were all confused until the looked at the table. “Omg” said Jessie about to faint. “The lamp is floating” whispered Caitlyn taking deep breaths. They all then were silent for a minute. “Mom, dad” wined Tommy. “Kids we have been keeping a secret from you” said Jake looking down at the floor in shame. “You all are witches and wizards… and so are we” said Selena. “You’re joking right?” said Caitlyn hopefully “No” announced Jake. Jax then looked at all of his siblings and then looked in the mirror right in front of them. “How do we use our powers?” asked Jax looking like he was about to cry “You say a spell” said Jake and Selena at the same time. “I didn’t even say a spell” yelled Caitlyn. “Your powers just activated, so it worked without you saying a spell” said Jake looking her straight in the eye. “When were you planning to tell us?” asked Tommy “Once you all had your 16th birthday” said Selena quietly. Just then 3 chairs started floating in the room. “All your powers are now activated” said Jake. “You can’t tell anyone about magic” said Jake. “We will be sending you to a magic school called Wits Academy. It will teach you spells, about magic, and normal school lessons” said Selena. “When?” asked Jessie “Tomorrow” answered Jake. “How long will we attended that school?” asked Tommy “3 years, but we will visit you once every month” said Selena looking like she was about to cry. “What about our friends?” moaned Caitlyn “You will text them all right now. You will tell them that we are moving and are leaving tomorrow and you didn’t have the heart to tell them sooner” demanded Jake. “I will call the school right now and take you out of it” said Selena. “Let's go pack guys” said Jax. They all packed up their things and came back down not soon after texting their friends. They sat at the table and ate their food quietly. Not one person said a single word. After dinner they all cleared their plates, got into their pajamas, and went to sleep. The next morning they woke up one by one. They got dressed and went down stairs with their stuff one by one. Once they were all downstairs, their mom and dad said a few words. “We both love you very much and we know you will make new friends at this school” said Selena. “We will visit all the time” said Jake. Jessie then opened the door slowly. Jake and Selena took turns hugging each child. Caitlyn then looked out the door and saw a car appear out of nowhere. All the kids packed up their stuff in the car a hopped in. Their parents waved goodbye as they drove away. A month later, when the parents visited, the kids were very happy. They all had great friends and were great at using their powers.

The End

By: Amanda Moulton


Last tuesday, a native mountain goat attacked two travelers in a safari trip. They were climbing a mountain in the alpines. The people said out of nowhere, they saw a goat and it was with it’s kids. After that, it came charging at them. They were seriously injured, and had broken legs. They survived but almost died. Another mountain climber was there and called for 911 since he saw the incident. Later, professionalists said that the mountain goat probably was trying to protect it’s kids. This is because poachers kill them and sell them to other countries. It has luckily became illegal in America now. Also the climbers were way too close to its territory. Probably the mountain goat was more scared than the people. This gave the idea to conserve areas so that wouldn't happen again. In conclusion, mountain climbing can be fun but there are things you need to watch out for. So for future climbers, be careful!

By Isaac Hartzell

Phillies Poem

P- playing like champions

H- hot like fire

I- infield plays are amazing

L- losing little

L- lots of great plays

I- in a great position

E- extraordinary

S- saving lots of games

By Drew Magovern

Who Am I?

  1. I was born in Brantford, Ontario

  2. I liked to play hockey as a kid

  3. I had 5 siblings

  4. I played with 10 year olds at the age of 6

  5. I started skating when i learned to walk (3 years old)

  6. I practiced 4-5 hours a day

  7. I had a single season record of 163 assists

  8. In my best season I had 52 goals

  9. I have earned 9 hart trophies

  10. I had a career total of 2,857 points

  11. I had four 200-point seasons

  12. I have my own restaurant

  13. I was never drafted by the NHL

  14. My parents are Phyllis and Walter

  15. I got in the hall of fame right away

  16. I had 894 goals in my career

  17. I won 4 stanley cups

  18. I played hockey for 20 seasons

  19. I served as captain for 4 teams

  20. Canada issued a coin for me

  21. My number, 99, was retired

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By Connor Shearn


What is black and white and weighs twenty pounds? It is my cat Mittens! She’s a girl and she is 4 years old. She lives in the house. Her favorite thing to do is sleep by the fireplace. She also likes to chase her tail. Mittens is shy around people like my brother and guests. She’ll hide when there is too much noise. I taught her a trick like how to pounce on my hand when I say ‘Up!” Last but not least when she is happy she always purrs.

By Eve Martin

Breaking News! Rogue Robots!

Today, monday, may twenty-third, two rogue robots escaped from the engineering department of the Delaware Valley University Doylestown Campus. The robots are six feet tall and weigh up to three hundred pounds. Do not approach a robot because they are highly dangerous. They have laser eyes, that are supposed to weld metal. They are super-strong because they were designed to rescue people from natural disasters. These robots are white and are black at their joints. If you encounter one of these robots, call local law enforcement immediately so the S.W.A.T. team can be dispatched. These robots have caused fatalities and are wanted by not only the Pennsylvania state police, but the National Guard and Homeland Security. Have a good day!

By Joey Roos

No Smoking

Cigarette smoking harms nearly every organ of the body and causes many diseases, so just quit. I know it isn’t that simple, but you can make it simple. Quitting smoking will lower your chances of getting any smoking related diseases and adds to your lifespan. Smoking is terrible for you, so just quit.

Smoking causes many bad things. It could cause Oropharynx , Larynx, Esophagus, Trachea, Bronchus, Lung, Acute Myeloid Leukemia, Stomach, Liver, Pancreas, Kidney, Ureter, Cervix, Bladder, and Colorectal Cancer. It causes diseases and illnesses such as the stroke, blindness, cataracts, periodontitis, Aortic Aneury, early abdominal aortic atherosclerosis in young adults, Coronary heart disease, Pneumonia Atherosclerotic peripheral vascular disease, tuberculosis, asthma, other respiratory effects, diabetes, hip fractures, Immune function and it overall diminishes health. Smoking destroys the human body.

There is a lot of things that you could do to quit smoking, so do them.

Avoid triggers! Stay away or ignore places that you have smoked very often or where you just remember you have smoked the will bring back good memories of smoking.

Replace! Replace smoking nicotine with fake cigarettes that do not involve nicotine.

Delay! Tell yourself that you do not need one and just wait, the cravings will leave.

Don’t have just one! If you think it is okay to have just one ciggarette, well you are wrong. Don’t smoke one it will keep you smoking.

Chew on something! You could chew on something like sugarless gum, sunflower seeds or something crunchy and satisfying.

Physical Activity! 30 minutes of of physical activity is good to keep away cravings.

Relax! What do you do to relax? Whether it is sleeping or something else. Do it!

Remind! Remind yourself all the benefits of quitting.

If you smoke or you know someone who smokes then quit or tell them too. There are so many benefits of quitting for you and the people who are around you. Listen to what I told you to do and quit. If this didn’t help you then go online and see for yourself. Remember avoid triggers, replace, delay, don’t have just one, chew on something, do physical activities, relax and remind. Thank you for listening, I hope I helped you or someone you know.

By Zoe Dilts


Sports Report

This is your exclusive report from Luke Hanusey on the Philadelphia Eagles NFL football team. Eagles starting quarterback Sam Bradford is in a “ No win situation” even if he starts at week one. Eagles 2nd round Draft pick Carson Wentz has been signed 34 million dollars. Also Eagles are having a rookie camp for a 3 day period. Eagles are changing back to a 4-3 defence. Jeff Mclane says that “It shouldn’t be a big transition, epically on the line”. Eagles rookie quarterback Carson Wentz has determined the number of 11. Carson Wentz jerseys are available on Eagles Fan Edge so go get one. Eagles running back Smallwood Aims has to leave behind past and focus on a hopefully positive future. Fletcher Cox (Eagles DT) supposedly won and is getting the 52 million that he asked for. That was your exclusive report on the Eagles from Luke Hanusey.

There’s no turning back once you have finished something

What my quote means to me… Is you can’t go back and change something so try your hardest, the first time.

By: Bree Gerth

Travlin & Aarmau

It was a hot hot day, Aphmau was planning to have a picnic with her best friends (and boyfriend). She was so excited they had not been together for a long time she could not wait to see what was new with some of her friends. Katelyn came down the stairs “do I look casual enough?””for the last time Katelyn yessssssssssss” “Travis lives next door but why you're so nervous now? “Cause now that everyone knows that Travis and I are a couple! I have to act casual like you do with Aaron” “whaaaaaaaa….. I really don't act calm” said Aphmau suddenly the doorbell rang Aphmau jumped “ I am coming Aaron my love!” but when she opened the door it was Garroth and Laurence “um H….. hhhi Aphmau how are you?” “oh you’re not Aaron” suddenly Garroth exploded “HAVE YOU TWO BEEN HANGING OUT YOU HAVE HAVEN'T YOU”” if you mean making out then yes” DID YOU HEAR THAT LAURENCE, DO SOMETHING! “ What are you talking about Garroth” “I didn’t hear anything” The doorbell then rang again. “AARON!” Aphmau ran to the door and flung into Aaron’s arms “hhi Aphmau” he handed her a rose Thank you soo much Aaron” the doorbell rang again “I got it” said Katelyn when Katelyn opened the door “Travis I’m so glad you made it” “ oh my love I would not miss it for the world” “hey everybody what’s up?” “Lucinda! You made it!” “well yeah my boyfriend came mit as well show up” “boyfriend?” “ didn’t Laurence tell you were dating?” “ no” “Laurence!” “sorry Aphmau but I was scared of what you guys would think” “aw you don’t need to be scared besides we were hoping that you would end up together” the doorbell rang again “Kawaii Chan can you please answer that “Cadenza! Glad you could make it!” “well I just wanted to say hi Gorroth” “ Gorroth is there something you want to tell us!?” “I may be dating Cadenza” “what a world of lies” said Travis Aphmau groaned let's just get going we aren't missing anyone are we?” “Nichole and Dante are running late and Zane says that he'll be here I still don’t understand why you wanted to invite Michi Kawaii Chan” “Kawaii Chan wanted all of her friends to come to this picnic “Including Reese senpai and his room mates” WHAT YOU HAD TO INVITE ALL OF THEM EVEN MCLOUD!” “yeah well I wanted to invite my boyfriend” “oh yeah I forgot that you two were dating” “Katelyn what did Nicole say” “she’ll meet us there 20mins later everyone was at the picnic “you know what this is not what I had in mind but everyone is having a great time and we are all together and thats what matters.

By Hailey Gatter

Flipped Classroom

When Mr. Ehrmann told us that we will be doing a flipped classroom I was wondering if this will actually work. I wondered if this way of teaching will be a new and better way. Well now I know that flipped classroom is successful! We learned so much more things, unlike in a regular classroom.

In math, we did projects that helped us in other areas to. For example, we learned business skills while doing the pizza project in the beginning of the year, and stem skills while doing the car project. Flipped classroom also helped us communicate with Mr. Ehrmann even when we were at home using Edmodo. We would not be able to do this in a regular classroom. In reading, flipped classroom helped us with our time management skills and working independently.

Flipped classroom made this year more memorable. I learned so more with flipped classroom.

By: Cate Didenko

When the sky cries it starts to rain

What my quote means to me...It’s ok to cry because everybody cries at one point in their life.

John Recommends


Undertale is an inde* game that started in kickstarter, a crowdfunding website, in 2013. The game had a goal of 5000$ but received 10x that amount. The game was published a whole 2 years after the kickstarter, but in 2015 we got the game.

Unlike normal rpgs (Role-Playing Games) Undertale doesn’t have normal menu driven combat. To damage a monster, you have to time the attack by getting the attack bar in the middle.

When a monster attacks you, your put into a minigame where you have a chance to dodge the monsters attack

You can also go through the game without hitting a single monster by just talking to them. No really, unlike normal rpgs where the goal in battle is to completely wreck your opponent, in undertale the better thing is just to spare them (spoiler alert, to get the best ending, spare everyone)

The basic story of undertale is that many years ago a war broke out between monsters and humans, the humans won and barricaded the monsters underground. You happen to fall underground and now you have to go back up to the surface, also it takes seven human souls to break the barrier and they already have have six. That's all that I can say without ruining the rest of the plot.

Undertale is rated T for Teen and cost 10 dollars so make sure your parents are ok with you playing it, also it’s a PC-download-only game. It’ll also probably going to be the best 10 dollars you’ll ever spend. (Heads up, Undertale is a great game but the fans are crazy, for your own safety only look up walkthroughs.)

*inde in the context of videogames it means a game that was self-published

Who Am I?

  1. He's usually humorus

  2. He’s 5ft. Tall

  3. He likes Reebok and Nike

  4. Is 10 years old

  5. Likes Harry Potter

  6. Plays the Saxophone

  7. Likes the pink panther theme song

  8. Likes Cool Ranch Doritos

  9. Likes neon colors

  10. Likes to camp

  11. Likes to imagine

  12. Is Creative

  13. Loves dogs

  14. Love doges

  15. Likes Math

  16. Likes Social Studies

  17. Likes Art

  18. Says My Name is .

  19. Is crazy (^.^)

  20. Mr. E’s least favorite student

  21. He loves purple

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You Probably got it.

American History

1. The brothers that created the first plane
4. The bloodiest war in American History
5. The war fought for independence
7. the war in Britain in the early 1800s
9. The year of Hurricane Sandy
1. A.K.A. the Great War
2. The war when the Allies (US, Britain, etc.) were fighting Japan and Germany (Axises)
3. The bloodiest battle of the American Civil War
6. The day terrorists attacked the U.S.
8. The year when the Model T started to be or sale.


Math,Social studies, science

2. does hot air rise or fall
4. what is one + one
5. what was one case of the civil war
6. how many people voted for Mr. Lincoln in the south
1. who was the precedent while the civil war was growing on
3. what kind of virus outbreak in the western hemisphere
4. what is 6 + 7

When Pigs Fly

When Pigs Fly

Pigs shall fly someday,

In any kind of way!

They’ll get wings and will rule like kings,

and will go to Colorado Springs!

This is a vacation,

just their location!

Pig wings will be their creation,

they’ll have their own nation!

They will fly high,

with bow ties,

and just come by!

It just ain’t no lie!


By Dylan Derstine WHEN PIGS FLY!