ELA Curriculum Revisions

Monday, November 17th, 2014

Welcome and THANK YOU for being here today!

NORMS of our group

  • start and end on time, clean up after yourself
  • respect and listen to peers
  • be prepared and contribute
  • presume positive intentions

Targets for Today

  • Set Purpose
  • Review Work of K-2
  • Curriculum Maps, Scope and Sequence (revise)
  • Grade Cards

Looking at the Work of K-2

  • curriculum map
  • grade card and assessments
  • scope and sequence

Curriculum Mapping

  • Resources from Diane: University City, Chesterfield, Louisiana
  • Quarterly or Monthly
  • Based on Theme
  • Let's Do This!

Grade Cards

  • ELO's Addressed Each Quarter
  • Are we forgetting something? Do we have too much?

Next Steps

  1. Scope and sequence, the nitty gritty of what is being taught (more detailed than map)
  2. Finalize grade card
  3. Common assessments to go with grade card