Take Away Homework

Year 3 and 4 - I am Warrior

Homework is due to be handed in on Friday 7th October. Please choose your homework from the options below...

Roman Numerals (find and record)

Find out the Date of Births of your family and friends. Record them in Roman Numerals. Watch the closing credits of your favorite TV programme. Can you find the Roman Numerals at the end? What year was your programme made?

Roman Reader (review, comprehend, decide, evaluate)

Review holiday brochures and online information to find out about Modern day Rome as a tourist destination. Where would you want to visit? What is the weather like? Where else would you want to visit?

Decide upon the most important thing that you have learnt from planning a trip to Rome. Create a presentation to present your ideas to the class.

Rich Romans (Synthesize, construct, research)

Research Roman life using books from your local library. Which were most useful? Point out the best by recording information and bringing it in to school. Use the information you have found to Construct a model of a Roman Villa. Use junk materials such as cereal boxes, coloured paper, tin foil and cardboard tubes. Use online images and pictures to inspire the layout.

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Roman Ruins (find, visit, apply)

(Apply) Find out if there are any Roman forts or settlements near where you live. Try to visit one with your family. Take lots of photos and report what you saw/ found out.