March - April Newsletter

6th Grade

Spring time is almost here!

Spring is about here and that means a few things, the time springs forward, everyone gets to enjoy a spring break and some great new intercession offerings, and CMAS testing begins in April. Here are the current units of inquiry for your grade level and some other information you may find helpful.
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CMAS Testing

CMAS begins the week of April 9th and will be completed on April 20th. A few things to keep in mind for testing:

  • Make sure students get a good night's sleep
  • Have students eat a good breakfast each morning
  • Strive for good attendance and being at school on time
  • Encourage student's best effort, we want them to show what they know!

Current Units of Inquiry

Language and Literature

Unit Title: Where in the World Is?

Key Concept: Aesthetics

Related Concepts: Genre and Setting

Global Context Exploration: Critical literacy, languages and linguistic systems; histories of ideas, fields and disciplines; analysis and argument

Statement of Inquiry: The setting in various genres allows us to learn about and appreciate the aesthetic beauty of the world.

Summative Assessment: Students will adapt a part of a selection from either the basal, Collections, or other story from a different country as a play.


Unit Title: Cultural Cooking

Key Concept: Culture

Related Concepts: Message, Patterns, and Purpose

Global Context Exploration: Systems, models, methods; products, processes and solutions

Statement of Inquiry: To achieve a healthy lifestyle it is necessary to create a process and solution to healthy food choices

Summative Assessment: Under Construction!

Individuals and Societies

Unit Title: Water You Thinking?

Key Concept: Systems

Related Concepts: Equity, Resources, and Sustainability

Global Context Exploration: Commonality, diversity and interconnection

Statement of Inquiry: Globalization and sustainability are related to systems which produce disparity and equity of resources.

Summative Assessment: Students will do a mini DBQ which explores the economic, environmental and social impacts of drilling for oil in Alaska.


Unit Under Construction!


Unit Title: Algebra: Expressions, Equations & Inequalities

Key Concept: Relationships

Related Concepts: Justification and Equivalence

Global Context Exploration: Identities and Relationships

Statement of Inquiry: There is often a justification for cooperation between relationships to maintain a healthy balance.

Summative Assessment: Students will be using their mathematical knowledge from the unit to solve business owner related problems and issues.


Unit Title: From Person to Personality

Key Concept: Change

Related Concepts: Interpretation and Role

Global Context Exploration: Peoples, boundaries, exchange and interaction

Statement of Inquiry: Interpretation and role is developed through change, based on orientation in space and time.

Summative Assessment: Students will research and develop a character based on a scripted piece. The demonstration must include key elements of the character's life and personality.


Unit Title: Fairness and Adaptation

Key Concept: Change

Related Concepts: Energy

Global Context Exploration: Fairness and Development

Statement of Inquiry: Knowing and understanding concepts of movement and skill mechanics can improve performance in a specific skill, and provide the foundation for transfer of skills in a variety of lifelong activities.

Summative Assessment: At the end of the unit, students will produce a children's biography picture book that will portray the developmental stages they experienced through learning the assigned activities. The final element of the book will include a reflective summary.

Instrumental Music

Unit Title: Not the P Word

Key Concept: Change

Related Concepts: Boundaries and Innovation

Global Context Exploration: Adaptation, ingenuity and progress

Statement of Inquiry: Students will understand that boundaries impact change and influence opportunity, risk, consequences & responsibility.

Summative Assessment: Under Construction!


Unit Title: How Can I Show I Know?

Key Concept: Communication

Related Concepts: Function

Global Context Exploration: Artistry, craft, creation, beauty

Statement of Inquiry: Communicating my learning reinforces my understanding.

Summative Assessment: While creating their personal portfolio students are given the opportunity to reflect and remember previous learning as they explain it to their audience. They will be making the connection between learning a concept the first time vs. explaining that concept to someone else and how this reinforces the concept for them...

Futures Week!

Our first annual futures week held some new and fun opportunities for the students!
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