Whitsitt Weekly Memo

September 12, 2013

Instructional Focus Calendar - Continuous Improvement Model

School-wide District Mandate to focus on 3rd grade TCAP skills.  Each grade level should devote a few minutes each day during the given time frame on the designated skill to build future capacity.  Plan according to developmental ability for your grade level. 2nd-4th graders will be assessed on the skill using district developed probes. If able, integrate with literacy skills within the pacing guide. Be prepared to state the focus skill to visitors.9/16-9/27 Vocabulary - Distinguish individual sounds including consonant blends     (SPI 0301.1.18) Example: What word has the same sound as the underlined part of armadillo?  A.  harbor B.  parent  C.  carry  D.  war   Vocabulary- Grade level Journeys selection

Adminstrative Notes

1. Tripod Survey Results were favorable at Whitsitt School. Below are our school favorability ratings and a description of each category. 82% Care: nurture protect, watch over, provide for. 68% Challenge: demand, require, impose, high standards.  60% Control: supervise, guide, direct, regulate. 78% Clarify: simplify, interpret, spell out. 60% Captivate: engage, fascinate, intrigue, stimulate. 69% Confer: consult, counsel, discuss, coach. 71% Consolidate: unify, strengthen, integrate. Remember that Dr. Register agreed that all schools will administer Tripod to all classes in October and also in the Spring.    2. Assessment /Data notebooks - Torina McCord will support all teachers with this initiative. Team input is welcomed.    3. Interventions - this 30 minute period is designed to help students catch up to grade level as well as provide enrichment. Ross, Irowa, Lambert, Keesee, Stoner, Woods, and Feldser are supporting teams in this effort. We are also utilizing volunteers as able. 4. Literacy Framework - MNPS literacy framework document is in development under Dr. Tamara Lipsey.  Torina McCord will assist teachers with some appropriate tools and strategies it contains.

Photos of learning in action

Reminders and Resources


Sept 12 5:30 Open House Sept 16 Picture Day SSA  Sept  17 Artsmart training - Pinochio 2nd-4th grade teachers  Sept 18 Garden committe meeting Sept 19 SIOP training daySept 21 Hands On Nashville Sept 23 MNPS First Choice Festival