Burning Witches since the Fall of Rome!

A Witches Magic

  • Some say there are 2 types of magic; black magic and white magic.
  • Black magic was associated with the Devil and has satanic symbols.
  • White magic had Christian symbols and had more to do with nature and herbs.
  • People thought magic was an illusion created by the Devil.
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Witchcraft Summarized

Witchcraft was not tolerated in the middle ages. Medieval Europe would burn people they supposed were witches at the stake. People needed no proof, only an inkling that they were a witch. Because a superstition at this time was that witches were made of wood (thus the burning), people would throw people they thought might be witches into a river. If they sank (drowned), they were not made of wood, thus they were not witces. If they floated (swam), then they were made of wood. This OBVIOUSLY meant they were a witch, so they were burned at the stake.

Witch Burning!!!

Sunday, Feb. 13th 1363 at 9pm

The Village Square

We will burn the newly found witch, Grelda!!!