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APS Family Connections 1/20/2021

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ACS Open Enrollment

Rising 4th Grade School Selection Due January 22 The rising K and preschool open enrollment period for the 2021-2022 school year is February 1 - March 8. Visit this site for details. K-2 Transfer Requests can also be made on this site.


The time for Open Enrollment is here!

Now is the time to make your selection for where your child will be next school year. Even with the uncertainties that you may be facing, remember that this selection process allows you to secure a space in a school of choice for next year.

We know this is an important decision for your family and we want to support you by answering questions and helping you through the process.

It is important for us as well. Our enrollment will determine school allotments for personnel and funding for next year so we get excited when we see those numbers rise!

  • Currently enrolled K-2 students do not need to submit an application unless withdrawing or requesting a transfer.
  • Rising Montessori K students will do a magnet school application and select Hall Fletcher for the Montessori Program.
  • All other rising K students will complete a magnet school application for their school of choice.
  • Preschoolers who will be 4 will contact Polly Bolding to register.

Please contact any of the following staff with questions:

Susanna Smith, Preschool Director 350-2924 or

Polly Bolding, Preschool Enrollment 350-2926 or

Tima Williams, Principal 350-2922 or

Ivry Cheeks, Assistant Principal 350-2542 or

APS Shout Outs

We invite you to share words of kindness and appreciation for the APS staff.

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Fill out this application for free and reduced lunch:

Our school Title One funds are generated by the number of students that qualify for free and reduced lunch. Fill it out for your current situation. It is COMPLETELY CONFIDENTIAL.

Preschool Remote Learning Updates

  • This week our classrooms started a new investigation on clothing. Over the next 6 weeks, your child will be exploring and answering questions related to clothing. The questions you will here include: What do we know about clothes? What are the features of clothes? How do we take care of our clothes? How do people make clothes? Where do we get our clothes? What special clothes to people wear for work? What other special clothes do people wear? Our classroom teams are busy this week putting together material packets for each child related to clothes. Please see below about when you can stop by to pick up your child' packet.
  • Preschool will remain in remote learning through March 16. Please know that this decision will be revisited in early February.


Preschool Distribution will be Monday, January 25th, 10-2. Please drive through the lower parking to pick up materials.

Montessori Distribution of materials will be by appointment. Teachers will be contacting you if materials need to be picked up for your child or if materials are being mailed. Please contact your teacher with specific needs.

*Mark your calendar for February 16-17 for Parent Conferences

Montessori Remote Learning Attendance

Filling out this short form will document your attendance for remote learning. Your child is present if you join Google Meets, do Seesaw work, communicate with staff, or fill out this form.

Annual Student Information Update in PowerSchool

Yes, our students are currently learning in a remote setting. But, now more than ever, it’s incredibly important we have your most up-to-date contact information so we can keep you informed.

Asheville City Schools is excited to reintroduce our online system for families to update student information and sign forms electronically. This process is called the Annual Student Information Update in PowerSchool.

Even though you may have completed a similar update in Spring 2020, we’re asking all families to refresh their answers because of COVID-19.

Please know you’ll be receiving additional information once the window opens next week, but we wanted to go on ahead and put it on your radars now. You will know it is time to get started when you see an email from with Mandatory Annual Student Information Update in the subject line.

We hope to complete this process by February 26.

If you are not able to complete the process online please contact the school front office for assistance.

Lenore Luster, Data Manager, 350-2900 or

Gratitude is in the Mail

Susanna Smith is our Preschool Program Director. She works behind the scenes to facilitate the work that ensures that we have the opportunity for our students to take advantage of high quality child care that is close to home. If you know her, you know that she is child focused, positive, solution-oriented, and a huge advocate for early learning. Let's send her some love and gratitude through the mail this week. Thank you, Ms. Susanna, for your dedication to the students of Asheville Primary and Asheville City Schools.

Susanna Smith


441 Haywood Road

Asheville, NC 28806

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American History

It is another historic day for America as we welcome in a new President. No matter who you chose to vote for, one candidate became everyone's President today. This is a great time to have a family discussion no matter how old your child is or where he/she is in their development. Set aside some time to have uninterrupted time to talk, and listen.

Topics of discussion may include:

  • voting and democracy (What do we vote on as a family? Where do you see voting and choice and what does that look like? Do you vote on anything in your classroom or school?)
  • government (What is the structure of our government? Who is responsible for keeping you safe at home and at school? What rules do you have to abide by? Where do our laws come from?)
Educational Resources from the White House

This site holds resources about the White House, Presidents, and historical content for use with kids. Follow your child's curiosity and use it an opportunity for more research.


Any parent or student needing technology assistance please call 828-350-2925 and leave a message for Mrs. Vickie. This line is forwarded to Mrs. Vickie's email and she will be able to listen to your message and get back in touch with you. You are also welcome to email Mrs. Vickie at

Don't forget to view the Family Compact below. We are hoping to get a signed copy from each of you!

Contacting the School during REMOTE Learning


Our school office is open on modified hours due to Covid restrictions in place, but we are not more than a phone call away. Our phones are forwarded to office staff and administrators working off site so that we won't miss your calls. You may hear a Google message when you call that asks you to say your name and why you are calling. This helps us get your phone call to the right staff member and avoids us spending time on telemarketing calls. Feel free to also leave voice mails with detailed information about your reason for calling.


Our staff can be emailed at any time with questions, concerns, or words of encouragement. Every staff member can be reached using this email format:

If you have items you need to drop off on campus, essential staff on site will not always be in the office and may not hear the doorbell. You may mail items to 441 Haywood Road, Asheville, NC 28806 OR you may contact the office staff to arrange for a day to drop something at the front door.

Please let us know if you or your family needs anything during this time of remote learning. We care about you and want to stay connected. If your address or phone number changes, let us know by emailing your child's teacher. He/She will pass the information to the office for you.

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