Harry potter



For the first time in our schools history, we have decided to to include this brochure with your exceptance letter and school supply list. We hope this will get you to know Hogwarts better as you prepare to go to school this fall

-Professor Albus Dumbledor

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Classes at Hogwarts

Professor Snape - Potions Teacher

Some of the things that professor Snape teaches is the beauty of the softly simmering cauldron with its shimmering fumes, the delicate power of liquids that creep human veins, bewitching the mind, ensnaring the senses, well that's at least what professor Snape says. He also teaches bottle fame, brew glory, and something called stopper death. Professor Snape is a teacher that when you look him into the eyes it would look cold and empty and made you think of dark tunnels. Professor Snape is a teacher that looked very suspicious always walking towards the danger.
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Professor Madam Hooch - Flying Lessons

Professor Madam Hooch has short, gray hair, and yellow eyes like a hawk. She seems very strict, sometimes she can make the students be scared to do something because of what she says. What the students in her class will be learning is how to fly, get the broomstick in your hands, how to land, grow to control speed, and in Harry's place how to play Quidditch
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Testimonies from students and staff at Hogwarts


The first time I got on the train to Hogwarts, I couldn't believe that Harry Potter was on the same bus. My dream is to wear the badge like Bill used to, and hold the house cup, and the Quidditch cup, and be Quidditch captain too. The first time I got to Hogwarts and the sorting hat came, I was scared that I wouldn't be in gryffindor, because all my siblings had been in gryffindor. My favorite part here of Hogwarts was when I was awarded 50 points for gryffindor, because of how good I play chess


I come from a muggle family so I try to do my best to try to fit in with the real wizards and witches, but it turns out I'm way better than them, some don't even know how to pronounce the potions spells. I also hang out with Harry, and Ron but I really need to thank them on the troll saving, I still can't believe that they saved me real miracle but there nice and cool, but still even though they save me and I'm cool with them, they still think I'm annoying, hey all I want is for all of us to get an a
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Locations at Hogwarts

The great hall

The gravest hall is the first place you go when it's your first time at Hogwarts, it's where the sorting hat tells you which house you live in. The great hall is also the main gathering area in the school, students there eat food, get owl deliveries, and have special events there.
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Quidditch pitch

Throughout the school year you will come to the Quidditch pitch to learn how to fly with a broomstick, how to get the broomstick into your hands, how to control speed, how to land, and how to play Quidditch. How to play is there are 7 players on each side, three of them are called chasers. There's a bright red ball, it's called a Quaffle, the chasers throw the Quaffle at each other, to try to get it through one of the hoops, to be able to make a goal. There's another player on each side called the keepersthey have to fly around the hoops and stop the other team from scoring. There are two beaters on each team, to protect there team from the buldgers, and try to change the buldgers direction to the other team (buldgers is a ball that try's to take the players of there broomsticks). A seekers job is to try to catch the golden snitch. (The golden snitch is a ball, that if the seekers catch it, it gives there team an extra 150 points which usually makes there team win
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