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2022-2023 Hourly Payroll Dates and Warrant Pick up Schedule

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Can my paycheck be automatically deposited (Direct Deposit)? You must complete a direct deposit form, which can be found online: You may submit the form via email using your PUSD email account, and you need to include a copy of your ID. It takes ten business days for it to take effect. Direct deposit is not available if you have a garnishment.
  2. Where can I pick up my paycheck? Paychecks are delivered to the school sites or departments on the issue date.
  3. Can I obtain a duplicate pay stub? Unfortunately, duplicate paystubs are not available; therefore, please keep your paystubs in a safe place.
  4. Where can I see my sick and vacation balances? Balances are available in Current Solutions, the user name is your first name, and the password is the last four of your SSN.
  5. How do I go about changing my tax withholding? The federal and state withholding forms are available online at Once completed, you may email the form to payroll.
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