Magistra Lido's Updates


Grades and Progress Reports

Progress Reports are available in NCVPS Registration this week.
If the current grade is below an 80, it is because the student has received 0s for missing/past due assignments (Chapters 9 through 13 and the Midterm Exam).
In Latin, this is our policy for grades:

  • If a student has a 0, remind the student to complete the assignment then contact me to let me know the exact specific name of the assignment.
  • It is the student's responsibility to let me know that a score needs to be changed/updated in their gradebook. Blackboard does not notify me automatically.
  • Students must tell me their section number. I will change the grade for them. If they do not tell me to change the 0, I will not know it needs to be done.
  • There is no penalty for late work.
  • Encourage students to review their assignments for feedback and comments and retake any assessments with multiple attempts.

Wrapping up the course/Final Exam

I know many face to face school systems have different things in place around the following items, so I wanted to make these reminders.

  • The FINAL EXAM is REQUIRED for all online students and counts 25% of the final course grade.

  • The last day of the course is Friday, January 9. All work is due by that date, including the final exam. I am not authorized to give extensions. If requesting an extension, it must be filed through the NCVPS Virtual Support Center.

  • The NCVPS holiday break is from Dec. 22 - Jan. 1. This means that if your school observes days off outside of this range, that assignments will still be given. If permitted, encourage students to work while on break. If this is not allowed or possible, please make arrangements for them to spend extra time working in the lab at school and be sure they are managing their time wisely while in class.

Daily Announcements ~ remind students to check and double check their course

In the daily announcements, the important information gets posted:
  • updated links to videos ("screencasts") to assist students with translating passages
  • tips to assist with grammar/assessments
  • short videos to explain various topics
  • reminders of due dates and the weekly calendar
  • reminders of NCVPS policies and procedures, including weekly communication
  • Live Latin Class sessions calendar


Communication is a key to success, especially as we enter the last few weeks of the course. Remind students to email, text, or call me at least once a week.