Chinese Cinderella

An Autobiograpgy that will leave you wanting more!

Adeline Yen Mah's Autobiography

I personally loved Chinese Cinderella because it is her life in 197 pages. The main character is Adeline, '"an unwanted daughter". When she was born she mother died so nobody in her family likes her except her Aunt Baba. She is very kind to everyone she comes into contact with. Nobody will take her in except her Aunt Baba, so when there are no others answers she goes to her favorite person in the whole word. No Adeline may not be perfect but she tries to be the BEST she can be. She could really be an inspiration to a lot of people. All she wanted to do was to meet her mother, so if she could take 3 things with her on vacation it would be pictures of her mother, if she would of been able to have seen them. Nobody would show her the pictures because they were forbidden to show her ANY of them. Adeline would take her the letters her aunt wrote to her. They mean the world to her because as often as she gets to see her later on in the book those pieces of paper are like precious gold to her. Lastly she would take her dead chick that got killed named precious little thing a.k.a plt. She would take plt because she was her only friend at the time. Plt could make her smile when nobody else could, not even Aunt Baba. Adeline swore that plt had some sort of language that there was a way for her to communicate with her. Adeline spent most of her time at school because she loves to learn. When life gets hard she would have looked forward to school. Her friends love her and that is another reason she loves school. Her step-mother treated her and her other siblings like trash, and as for her step siblings she treated them like she actually liked them. She made Adeline's older sister she got sold into marriage to a person she met that day they met. No time to actually get to know the person, and that was the last thing she wanted was to get sold into marriage. I personally loved the book because of how she was an unwanted daughter but she overcame that pain and how she can be an inspiration to anyone!