The Holocaust

Halina Santerre Academic 4

The holocaust was the mass killing of Jews. The holocaust was a terrible event that happened in World War Two. Hitler thought the Jews were the reason for their problems in Germany. 6 million Jews were killed in the holocaust. The holocaust was terrible event and killing of many innocent people

Hitler thought the Jews were terrible people and this lead to many killing of the Jews. Hitler disliked the Jews and wanted all of them gone. Since Hitler didn't like the Jews, they were put in to bad places. The text states, "Hitler's government passed laws on Jews... and their right were taken away." Many Jews were killed in harsh treatment. It was hard being a Jew in World War Two. The Nazis killed most Jews in Europe. The artical says, "...Nazis decided that they would kill every Jew." Most Jews were killed and treated bad because of Hitler.

The Holocaust was a tragic event and was awful. Hitler had strong hatred toward the Jew and wanted every Jew gone. A lot of Jews were treated bad and many of them died. Overall, the Holocaust was a terrible and lead to millions of death. Hitler wanted all the Jews gone. this was a sad event and many of lost lives.