one 13 original colonies: By Deepti Venkatachalam


New England was the first to colonize Massachusetts and America as a whole. New England first went to Jamestown, Virginia, but because of religious persecution people left. The people that left Virginia went and settled down in Massachusetts and settled there.

Location, Location, Location

Massachusetts is located on the northeastern coast of the U.S.A.. It is 4th largest out of all the New England colonies. 8284 sq mi big and the 45th biggest state in America. Massachusetts is conveniently located on the Atlantic Ocean, and because of that Massachusettss' economy was highly based off of sea creatures.


Massachusetts was Bay colony and because the pilgrims that took shelter in Massachusetts were puritans the main was Puritanism. The king accidentally let them have their own government and because of that John Winthrop took over and soon a bicameral government was formed. Living near the ocean allows Massachusetts trade a lot of seafood.

Boston Tea Party

The Boston Tea Party is probably one of the biggest things Massachusetts is known for. This one night certain people along with Samuel Adams took gallons and gallons of British tea and dumped it into the Boston Bay. The colonists were tired of being taxed on things they didn't want. This event is probably the biggest thing that happened.

important people

  • John Winthrop-started up the government at the very beginning
  • John Adams-2nd president
  • Johns Quincy Adams-6th president and son of John Adams
  • Samuel Adams-organizer of the "Boston Tea party"
  • Johns Hancock-first one the sign the Declaration of Independence
  • Benjamin Franklin- inventor and helped write the Declaration of Indepence