Mary Lynch Newsletter

January, 2022

Notes from the Principal's Desk

Happy New Year!!

This month 1st - 6th graders are focusing on addition during Math Interventions. We are offering an incentive for the first class who gets 90% of their students to be proficient in addition. Students will be tested using a grade appropriate test in RocketMath. Our students are excited about the challenge and the incentive!! Please help us out by quizzing your child on their addition facts!


I would like to create a Parent Advisory Committee for Mary Lynch. This team of parents will meet with me 1 time a month for the months of February, March, and April. We will be discussing any questions or concerns you may have about Mary Lynch. Please call me at 308-235-4696 or email me at

Marcie Pratt - New Director - ELITE

We have a new director for our Afterschool program ELITE. Ms. Marcie Pratt has lived in Kimball for 6 months and has been working with children for the past 15 years. Ms. Pratt has been our headteacher for our 5/6th graders in the ELITE Afterschool program this school year. We are excited to have her move to the director of this program! Our After-school program is offered to all K-6th grade students. M, T, Th, -3:20 to 6:00pm. On Wednesday, our program runs from 1:20 to 6:00pm. If you would like to sign up your child for ELITE, please contact Marci Pratt at

Drop off/Pick up

Our #1 concern for our students is SAFETY. Please make sure to find a parking spot before picking up your child. We do not want them to run into the street to get into a vehicle. Also please make sure when you pull through the driveway, do not block the sidewalk on the west side. Thank you so much for your help!!

News From the Classrooms


Mrs. Ingram - In Pre-K we are going to continue our unit on clothing for the next month. Students are learning how clothes are made, who makes and designs clothing, and the purpose of clothing pieces.

When there is snow on the ground, please send students with snow boots if they have them! This prevents our carpets from getting muddy and toes from getting cold.

We have had a great first few days back! Students have hit the ground running and are taking tasks head-on.

Junior Kindergarten

Mrs. Mekelburg - This month in Junior Kindergarten we are learning about the letters Nn, Oo, Pp, Qq and the numbers 11, 12, 13, 14. We are listening for rhyming words during story time and working on our coloring skills. Every day is a new and interesting adventure.


Ms. Malm and Mrs. Klosterman - In Kindergarten we are starting a new unit in reading and beginning to do a lot of practice with simple three-letter words (CVC words). Keep practicing those high-frequency words. We are anxious to grow as readers this quarter! We encourage you to read with or have your child read to you daily at home. Don't forget to mark your Book-It Calendars! Our new chapter in math is identifying, writing and practicing with numbers 11-20.

We are starting a new Longhorn Behavior incentive program to recognize those students who consistently go above and beyond with the Longhorn Way expectations both in and out of the classroom. Students who accomplish their goals will be rewarded with a special award monthly. For those students who achieve this goal, all second semester, there will be a grand prize at the end of the year.

Remember to send your child with a heavy coat, hat, and gloves as the weather is changing. If your child wears snow boots to school please send an extra pair of shoes. If there is a snow day, Enjoy your day off! :)

Report Cards: If you have any questions regarding report cards, especially the standards-based grading, please reach out to Mrs. K. or Miss Malm. We would be happy to discuss his with you.

First Grade

Mrs. Patterson and Miss Lashmett - Students are going to be learning about addition and subtraction in math. This quarter we are also going to be working on opinion writing!

We would like to remind families that students need to bring their winter coats on these very cold days. Also, if a student is wearing snow boots to school, please pack them a pair of tennis shoes that they can wear in the classroom and gym.

With the standards-based report cards, Mrs. Patterson and Miss Lashmett encourage parents to call if they have any questions. We are proud of how well the students are doing with their assessments!

We Passed Addition!!!! YEAHHHH!

Second Grade

Mrs. Fryda and Mr. Head - Students are working hard in math this quarter we will be learning how to compare and order numbers, as well as telling time to the nearest minute. Students are also learning about 2 and 3 dimensional shapes. In reading we are working on answering questions from text, prefixes and suffixes. Science is all about animals and habitats.

Please be sure to practice math facts with your child each night and encourage them to read at home.

Cold weather has arrived. Please help your child to bring winter coats and snow boots, and tennis shoes to wear in the classroom.

Third Grade

Mrs. Heeg and Mrs. Daimond - In third grade we are focusing on area, rounding and estimating numbers. We are continuing to practice multiplication as well. We are completing our NWEA tests in Reading, Math and Language Arts. In Science, we are continuing to follow the James Webb Telescope as it is now fully deployed. In Social Studies we are learning about personal finance and budgeting.

Fourth Grade

Mrs. Murdoch and Ms. Dorrell - We would like to THANK PARENTS who are helping students remember to complete their 20 minutes of reading homework each evening. Remember, students are tracking their reading in class and at home. They have a reading tracker sheet where they record the number of pages each time they read. This has been going on since last quarter, and students are well aware of the process by now. If your child is not bringing home their book and spending time reading, then they are not completing their assigned homework. Thank you again for reminding and helping encourage reading homework time each night.

We are getting into the swing of things with NWEA testing after a slow start with snow days. We want to welcome our new students, Bryan, Elyiahs and Everett. In Math, we will be focused on addition fluency twice a week and will be taking weekly times tests. The students will be tracking their scores, so make sure to ask them about their progress.

In History students are learning about Settlers moving West.

Fifth Grade

Miss Robinson and Mr. Kilgore - 5th grade has started a new class novel called "George's Secret Key to the Universe". Please remember to have students read 15- 20 minutes every night. Students will be taking NWEA this week. Keep an eye out for results coming home.

In history students are learning about European Settlements.

Please help your child to remember to bring their winter coats for recess.

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Sixth Grade

Mr. Walker and Mr. Ferguson - Students will be learning about Changes on the Plains.

Physical Education

Mr. Wurdeman - We are working on basketball skills right now. Focusing on dribbling techniques and shooting form.


Mr. Jefferis - Students will be working with clay the week of January 17th. We will be making Big Mouth Animal Pinch Pots. We will also be finishing up some work from last semester and then dive into portraiture, where students will learn about the proportions of the human head.

Legendary Longhorn

This month’s Honorable Mentions

In Kindergarten we have two students Bentli Schmid and Dean Wilke. Both Bentli and Dean are always working hard and willing to be a friend and help their teachers or classmates. They are wonderful examples of how a positive attitude can make a huge difference inside the classroom. We are lucky to have them!

First grade also has two students who always work hard. Kira and Tristan are setting a great example in and out of the classroom with their strong work ethic. Way to go Kira and Tristan.

Emmaline Tabor has demonstrated Legendary Longhorn behavior. Emmaline is always willing to lend a helping hand to either her teacher or classmates. Thank you Emmaline for being a positive role model in the classroom.

Do You know a great student? Someone who always holds the door for others, doesn’t hesitate to help others or works really hard on a project. Nominate them for Legendary Longhorn.

Legendary Longhorn is a student who shows exemplary behavior in or out of the classroom. They will be nominated by teachers, students, parents/guardians or members of the community. If you know of a student who has accomplished something out of school in a sporting event, or 4H, please send Mr. Jefferis an email at to nominate them for Legendary Longhorn.

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