Minimum Wage

By: Nicole Shanahan

Facts and Statistics

25% of people who earn minimum wage are single or married with no kids.

62% of people who earn minimum wage are under twenty five and enrolled in school.

42% of people who receive minimum wage live with a relative

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My Thoughts

I think that minimum wage should be raised only a little bit for all workers. After doing a debate on this topic in citizenship I learned that if you increase minimum wage, the price of products will increase resulting in more money spent. Therefore, I don’t think minimum wage should be increase a lot, but just a little bit to benefit those who are barely getting by. If anything I think it would help companies and their ability to hire because they would most likely get more people to apply because the salary would be more in their favor. If someone is barely getting by, it's important to help them out by raising the minimum wage, but at the same time we shouldn't raise minimum wage too much because it would just result in the prices of the products increasing as well.

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What did you find Surprising when Watching the Video?

When watching the video, I was really surprised how the main characters adapted to living on minimum wage. I never really thought about how it would be especially with having children because you need to spend money on them, too. It made me feel really lucky for what I have. Those who live on minimum wage don't always have a safe and warm place to call home. I am really grateful for that and also really grateful for being able to do the things I enjoy most like club volleyball for example.