Lanham Lowdown

4th Grade News

March 18, 2016

Important Dates

No Spelling Test this week.

Social Studies Test

Thursday, March 24th

No School

Friday, March 25th

No School - Spring Break

Monday, March 28 - April 1st

Paws Pride


To prepare for the upcoming PARCC testing, our school focused the PAWS Pride lesson on stress and anxiety. We not only worked on recognizing the signs of stress and anxiety but also discussed coping strategies.

Social Studies

By: Tessa

This week in social studies we learned about saving your money and how you should spend it . We were working on these worksheets and how someone deposits and withdraws money from the bank.

Some examples of places you can save your money is you can save your money in a bank account, a piggy bank, a safe place at home,a safe,and a U.S. bond.

Some other things we have learned is that we were doing a worksheet and this lady had a lot of money in her bank account. She wanted to get stuff and she also wanted to deposit money. She also withdrew, and some of the reasons she did that are she wanted to go to a movie and dinner with her friends. We also did another worksheet just like that one except that it was a different person.

As you can see we learned a lot about saving and spending money and that you should think before you spend!


By: Caden Birkley

Hi my name is Caden Birkley and I am going to tell you about literacy and what my class is doing in literacy. Some things about literacy is you do a lot of reading and writing. Right now I’m reading a B.O.B book also known as Battle Of The Books and it is called The Seven Wonders of Sassafras Springs. It is good so far. Our story of the week is Encyclopedia Brown,and it is a very good story. It is about a salamander that got stolen from an aquarium and they’re trying to find out who stole it. Once they solved the case the person who stole the salamander (tiger salamander) worked at the aquarium so he got fired for sure. Our word analysis skills are roots, which are “anti” which means against. The other one is amphi which means on both sides, both kind or around. And that’s all bye. :)

P.S Literacy is very fun.


By: Teagan

This week in math we are working on fractions, wholes, and probability. One thing we are working on is adding and subtracting and multiplying fractions. It's not as hard as it seems. We've also done some review for a test we had .One review game we played was Math Jeopardy. It's where you select a box from a column and it gives you a question and the whole class had to answer it and after all of us were done we would go over the answer together. One day Mrs.Lanham handed out a study guide for us to work on during math to prepare us for the upcoming test.The test we had was not hard and I hope I get a good grade.