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What's going on in 4th quarter?

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Each week, students participate in SQUILT. It stands for Super Quiet UnInterrupted Listening Time. A piece of music will be played while students close their eyes and imagine a story that might accompany what they're hearing. This quarter, we are listening to jazz music during SQUILT. Our latest SQUILT was Take Five by David Brubeck.

Dave Brubeck - Take Five

In Kindergarten

During this quarter, kindergarten students are learning their songs for graduation! In a few short weeks, they will be performing these songs for their friends and family. If your child is interested in practicing the songs at home, you can find the lyrics and music on my website.
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In 1st Grade

Students learned how to apply loud and soft changes in music through a singing game. This game is similar to the hot/cold game in that students sing louder when the chosen student walks closer to the hidden stuffed animal and softer when the student is father away.

Students also had the chance to go outside to the musical garden. Students wrote rhythm patterns and exchanged them with a partner. The pairs of students chose an instrument in the musical garden to perform each other's rhythms.

The Cat is Gone - Dynamics Practice

In 2nd Grade

2nd grade students learned about rounds. In a round, each group of students sing the same melody but enter at different times. Students sang the song Are You Sleeping? in two and three part rounds. Below is an example of a three part round.
Are You Sleeping? Round

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Miss Warshany