Pearl S. Buck Elementary

October 16, 2015

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Operator, I've been busy reading....

Mrs. Buttari's reading classes are up and running for the school year! Her first grade classes are busy reading and writing real and nonsense words. They love reading independently with whisper phones (shown above). The Kindergarten students are actively learning phonemic awareness skills through the use of manipulatives and body moments. They enjoy moving puzzle pieces together to match, count and blend sounds in words.

You say crayfish, I say crawdad...

No matter what you call them, these miniature lobster look-alikes make for exciting times in third grade! Nothing beats learning about a living creature - especially when it lives in your classroom. Third-grade students recently engaged in enthusiastic discussion while observing the structure of crayfish bodies and laughing at the 'en garde' posturing of their crustacean counterpart. In addition, students are learning about the habitat and the less than friendly disposition of the cranky crawdads. Watch out! They may be small, but they pack a mean pinch! Emeril Legasse...where are you?
Third Graders were also busy using their powers of scientific observation counting the seeds they found within green peppers, lemons, apples, pears, green beans and snap peas. The budding scientists then classified the seeds according to the properties learning in class: size, shape, color and texture.

What do Scarecrows do at night? (Musings from the third grade.)

Monster Mash

Friday, Oct. 23rd, 6:30pm

Pearl Buck

Open to Pearl Buck students and families only. Tickets required. Flyers have been sent home with additional information.

Math in action!

Second grade is learning to subtract with regrouping by using 'concrete' learning experiences such as the cubes, sticks, and squares (1, 10, 100) Not only do our students demonstrate their regrouping skills, but they are also are asked to explain why they do it. By using the manipulatives, students see and feel the mathematical process while applying the skill. This is one of many strategies our teachers use to help develop understanding.

'A' is for Apple

The students in Mrs. Deitrick's class celebrated fall and the letter "A" with Apple Day. They learned about apples, sang apple songs and made applesauce that they enjoyed at snack time. Ask one of the students what shape can be found in the middle of an apple!

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